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Astro Read for May, 10, 2010 + Your Year if born today + Stock Trend

MY GENERAL ASTRO TIP FOR MAY10, 2010: With some pins and pricks good for improving health – if an issue there , debts repayment or taking loans or for derailing at office  at home

IF IT IS YOUR BITHDAY TAODAY. Be agile but not thoughtless. Regular health check up.Start afresh. Born dancers. Sunday – day and Lvender – color - - lucky for you .Good year for those in the entertainment world. Marrisge/love can happen.

STOCKS:Engineering goods – those that heve been refined – favorable – Gold will move up – these are trends.

ARIES: Focus on self – to resolve issues that have not come up but troubling (perhaps property/land) – a day to plan for family – a good day to have fun. Positive for those who are in love / relationship.

TAURUS:Be careful of deception today – those having ladies as business partners to be cautious – you will be able to handle – adopt the right way. The opposite sex – for those in love may test you – you will be active today.

GEMINI: Issues of communications/finance/planning that are troubling you – may stare at you – timr to deal – will be successful.
Do not indulge in arguments for the sake of it with your loved ones.

CANCER: Your mind will be fixed on resolving business issues and other factors in the job space – a very good day to deal as your mind is firm. Can get an appointment if looking for a job. Not a gret day for love/relationship strokes – mind will be on bigger issues.

LEO: Your ego will be bruised – may become philosophical with life for a change – also will get after your secret enemies and deal with them. Would like to have a day out on the sly with your love.

VIRGO: You will have to deal with divisive issues in job or at family – sure with your talks / other skills you will handle. A day to communicate and chat with your loved ones.

 LIBRA: A day for those in glamor world or allied – they will be faced to deal with the negative side of there professions. Today some fears will creap in. Avoid proposing or arguing in a relationship. You will be ambitious – fearful – just meditate and relax.

SCORPIO: Isuues will creep in the job space and also in property/land matters. Be energetic but keep your cool. In love you would be prone to the physical aspect.

SAGITTARIUS: Job/work will be prime – will be able to plan and put things in order / better it . A good day for recovery for those not well and with sweat – staking a name for yourself.. Good to be with family and in a group – will be in that mood by the day end.

CAPRICORN: You will use your plans / brain/ efforts to deal with issues with your bosses/govt/father – will mange skillfully. In love you will be prone to to physicality to relax.

AQUARIUS: Not a day to deal with property or issues at job. Best is to be quiet – spoken words can be misunderstood. Talk and spend time with the person who loves / likes you.

PISCES: In issues of fiancé, family and pernerships & allied – you may have been in control but today problems can knock – do not plan big or attack – try to break them and resolve. Unconventional love will be your instinct which rarely people of this sign want.

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Bless Me,


Shanker Adawal
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