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Know your inherent qualities the inner self form your own sign

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

ARIES (Born between 21ST March to 20th April).

    Simple, frank and outspoken nature.
    Capable f holding high commanding position in executive but may lack organizational capability.
    It touched with religious sprit, they may prove fanatical.
    Well informed and very busy and at time lack knowledge of human character.
    Often changes their views and opinions but sure of their beliefs as long as they last.
    But sure of their beliefs as long as they last.
    Remarkable for sudden changes and quick action.
    Ambitious of honors and getting high position but may face certain difficulties which may employ their some of the energy. They should not fell disappointed.
    Fortunes are variables. Gains through property, real estate business and some flourish after marriage.
    Litigation possible in connection with property and money matters.
    Essentially a pioneer – there in the intellectual, civic, politics, religion or military world – friends give much support but friends foreign countries may not help.
    Sacrifice preferred – even to the extent of martyrdom for a particular causes.
    Frequent change of residence-may not stays long at a particular place.
    Relatives are not favorable and family ties sometimes remains strained – this also depends on the sign of the spouse.

TAURUS (Born between 21st to April to 21st May)

    Self imposed, dogmatic and obstinate, hard to please.
    Often harbor ill – feeling. Advised not to taken revenge.
    Rigid (fond of) in their opinion, inflexible and firm and at time remains silent to the situation.
    Fond of natural history, gardening horticulture.
    Patient worker, exact and precise in methods.
    Illness on account of excessive labor gets unforeseen windfalls.
    Give good parent age – father is a man of some consequent in his sphere of life.
    Gains by speculation and through children but loss in legal disputes and other strafes.
    On the whole, life is clam and peaceful but with perils.
    Some of your friends may be in high position and you may gain from them.
    Health is affected by maladies – spleen, liver and kidney – problems.
    Fortune insures in youth but gets all comforts with advancement of age.

GEMINI: (Born between 22nd May to 21st June)

    Endowed with kind, willing and flexible nature, humane in tendencies but is easily worried and irritated.
    Inventive and original in ideas, fond of literature and science and clever in legal matters and is well-informed.
    Capable of doing two things at a time tow occupations.
    May feel nervous if suddenly called upon to speak or act.
    Fortunes subject to many changes- experiences both privation and affluence but with family strafes.
    Many causes for family dispute but the native may not agree altogether with faith.
    At time, the native becomes himself the cusses of this downfall.
    There may be secrets connected with love affairs and attachment – take care regarding piles, fistula, bladder and excretory system.
    For most of Gemini persons, nervous afflictions and lung complaints (asthma etc.) cannot be ruled out.
    Normally, Gemini have two wives-may be one by marriage and other by attachment
    Losses through secret love affairs and opposite sex.
    Inheritance of land or house indicated.
    Legal/Receptionist/Clerical/Messenger type profession fruitful – all types of communications.
    Many obstacles for attaining high position-some problems are created by own friends and known people.

CANCER (Born between 22nd June to 23rd July)

    Remarkable changes in life – many up and down in fortune and position.
    Reserved nature but quick though tempered and impatient.
    Have fertile imagination and the faculty of absorbing other people's ideas is very great.
    Gifted with dramatic faculty though sometimes original.
    Discreet and independent in many things- faculty of adaptation is enormous.
    Love for position, wealth and honors.
    Generally time to physical dangers, gets nervous easily
    Difficult in acquiring wealth but inheritance is lost.
    Loss by speculation and through relatives.
    Premature death of brother or sister is also indicated.
    Troubles from children and family discord in life indicated.
    Exposes too many dangers in personal (mysterious) and public life but God comes to help.
    Voyages are certain and frequent but long journeys are successful.
    Dangers of various type, captivity (imprisonment), ambushes and troubles in foreign land
    Health-wise-chest and stomach need attention- and latter in life from rheumatisms.
    Injuries from fall form horses or other high places and wounds by human hands indicated.

LEO (Born between 24th July to 23rd August)

    Gets honor though their own merits the native has an elevated nature and strong will power
    Quick temper when provoked but anger does not long last.
    Ambition to hold public offices in high position, favor for fine art- favor from relations in high position available though the ego of the native is hurt.
    Reversal of fortune in some case where the father dies when young.
    Legal dispute in regards to inheritance or on account of martial relations normally two wives.
    Health-chronic ailments regarding bones and blood – LEO men have to undergo lot of discomforts including marital discords.
    Few or no voyages and when taken are not advantageous.
    For some, with their hard work, taken are not advantageous.
    Quarrels through friends but gainful in the end.
    Be careful about secret enemies.

VIRGO (Born between 24th August to 23rd September)

    Gains and honors and position by their own merit
    Have cool, clear intact with a great sense of justices.
    Fond of sanitation and congenial atmosphere in offices and home.
    Pious and honest-very careful in the ways of life in all matters.
    At times gives undue importance to small things.
    Love for literature, history, and divinity (Spiritualism)
    Gains inheritance and also gains from wife and partnership.
    Successful bankers and businessmen
    Avoid speculation-Gains wealth in foreign countries.
    Family secrets including father marrying twice or illegal attachments.
    Be careful from animals.
    Disappointment in love affairs-the native may get invoices with a lady senior in age.
    Long voyages in search of wealth or in connection with property in foreign countries are indicated.
    Frequent changes bring ups and down in life- Friends will also be changeable/
    The native may develop powerful enemies-be careful.
    Health-colic pains, dysentery, diarrhea and urines affections.

LIBRA: (Born between 24th September to 23rd October)

    Sweet and gentle nature, flexible and sensitive, sense of justice.
    Up right and frank, but liable to extreme temper and mood at times.
    Inventive mind with ability for constructive and decorative work.
    Inclination for navigation, and maritime arts.
    Liable to change his views on the spur of moment. Inner voice.
    Professions-wine, and spirit merchants, chemists, doctors and surgeons.
    Losses on account of business partner are careful for new ventures.
    Few children but they are fortunate and would give satisfaction.
    Health – Kidney, liver, intestinal complaints-fungus in fingers of feet.
    Many voyages to and distant journeys in other countries.
    Gains by unexpected legacies and females.
    Success in native's own country.
    Secret enemies among the servants and also among the member of the family.

SCORPIOS (Born between 24th October to 22nd November)

    Bold and warlike-inclined to rush into quarrels. Please control.
    Nature is excessive and can go to extremes even for seeking pleasure severs to his opponents-sarcastic.
    Born with 'eagle eye' – insatiable thirst to find the secret nature of the things detective type service.
    Ambitious of honor and normally obtains high position in due course of time-taste for leadership/government service.
    Monetary affairs fraught with uncertainty-avoid speculation.
    Two distinct sources of income-often two distinct occupations service and dealing in shares.
    Early life is not fortunate but 2nd half (middle age) is prosperous.
    Gains by exploits in foreign land and by marriage.
    Health – ailments regarding excretory system, piles, fistula etc.
    Likely to marry more than once or have an alternative affair.
    Fortunate long voyages are shown which lead to honor, later.
    Some loss of loved one at the age of 35 or so.
    Enemy to be found among his own associates.
    In foreign country the native may be in danger of secret violence but god will help.

SAGGITTARIUS (Born between 23rd November to 21st December)

    Though difficult to understand, the person during the above period are franks, honest, open minded and generous.
    Ingenious, versatile and become masters of many branches of learning including law and astrology.
    Mind is clear and quick in apprehending things and readily assimilating new ideas and new modes of life.
    Gentle but defiant in presence of enemies simple in mode of living and takes delight in independences.
    Destructions of others and also of self may lead to deception.
    Friend to peace, justice and truth Engaged in strike for good cause.
    Early life in most of the cause may not be good on account or premature death of father, many obstacles in early life.
    Health-ailments of throat, ear, asthma (lungs) swelling in legs.
    Support of friends is useful and effective in native's life.
    Enemies may be numerous and even violence may be experienced.
    To sum up, career is long and good.

CAPRICORN (Born between 22nd December to 20th January).

    Ambitious, capable of enormous efforts hard working fellow.
    Temper is strong, forceful and enduring but mind is suspicious.
    The desire for power is strong- eloquent among friends.
    Caution and prudence mark the policy of the native.
    Wealth is on personal merits. Support from friends/relatives.
    Enmities caused by brothers and sisters-rivalries, secret trouble arise from the members of family.
    In journeys in own land, the native may face ambush of his enemies.
    Father may cause trouble or become hostile in marriage proposal of the native.
    In early life, danger by fire or wounds by steel/iron etc.
    Health-nervous affection of stomach, hurt, injury from human being specially in traveling.
    Voyages are dangerous and may cause loss.
    Profession marital type, soldiers, marines, doctors, chemists, etc.
    Native is subject to great reversal of fortune in mature life.

AQUARIUS (Born between 21st January to 19th February)

    Have degree of literacy and artistic faculty.
    Good orators and writers, philosophy and music/drama.
    Can love with exceeding constancy frank, open and humane.
    Long voyages are undertaken for getting money.
    Gains inheritance and assistance from the family.
    Achievements on account of personal devotion, hard works, merit.
    Normally, have two sources of income including something of secret naturesecrat commission, including from government hands.
    Dangers while traveling by land or rail specially in connection with business of relatives.
    Chances of having twins in some cases marriage in early age.
    Health-blood affection, indigestion, stomach complaints.
    To be careful in all matters specially of fraud and cheating as in some cases exile, imprisonment and forced seclusion cannot be ruled out.
    Frequently has access to best society VIPs.
    Man of good counsel and capable of commanding public esteem and securing many friends.

PISCES (Born between 20th February to 20th March)

    Capable of lifting himself by own labor and hand work.
    Many popular writers and authors born in this sign
    Native is romantic, imaginative and flexible-always come up with new ideas.
    Mind is king, just, benevolent and powerful.
    Exercise authority without being harsh firm with pleasantness.
    Slow to anger but hard to please cordial disposition.
    Mind is broad on many subjects unorthodox.
    Double occupation – parents not conducive to native's welfare.
    Family assets become spilt up and donot enrich the native.
    Health-affection to feet and ankles, colic pain especially in the bowels.
    Two marriages in some cases – first wife generally dies before the death of husband.
    Long sea voyages are attended with dangers in foreign countries.
    Be careful about a treacherous friend. An open enemy may cause death.
    Capable of conferring well – merited honors and also considerable wealth.

Shanker Adawal

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