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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      Exalted Mars in the 2nd house i.e. for Sagittarius Lagna persons can give unexpected distinction is sturdiest at least one in life. Rest would depend on the placement of Jupiter.

2)      Mercury-Ketu combination in Kendra or Trines will make the native intelligent fellow but for certain reasons (placement of Saturn and the Moon) will make the native worried throughout life.

3)      Jupiter in the 2nd house without any benefic aspect will not allow the native to have ancestral property or will have only with obstacles including count litigations.

4)      Those born with Saturn and Venus in Kendras or Trines will have a high-positioned job with all comforts of live.

5)      Though need to be tested, the native would be the first child of his parents if these are no planets on either side of Jupiter.

6)      Venus-Mercury in Kendras or Trines, when not combust are capable of conferring special intellectual power and skill including in spiritualism and mathematics.

7)      Antra if Ketu in any major period of any planet is likely to beneficial results though depending on the other planetary position.

8)      The moon in 5th house becomes responsible for break in education. However, debilitated Moon in 5th house can make the native sinful, evil minded and ma lead to moral degradation depending on the position Rahu, Saturn and Mars.

9)      The Sun in Aries specially in 9th or 10th house of the native rather in any friendly house indicate high position of father.

10)  Ketu in 12th from Jupiter indicated some sacred or charitable or religious place near the place of birth.

11)  Some astrologers hold the opinion that Jupiter destroys the wordily pleasures of the house in whish it is places. This need to be tested and commented upon. It is true that Jupiter in Lagna, 5th house or 9th house is capable of taking the native to religious cum-spiritual pursuits including astrology and other occult sciences.

12)  Another principle which need to be tested is that Venus in 4th house for (Kanya) Lagna persons give bad results regarding assets (immovable and movable properties) and also obstruction in career.

13)  Rahu in 4th house in capable of giving long life to mother. The native will however be a cheat, cunning and despiteful fellow.

14)  Venus-Mars combination have a different story:

a)      Under the influence of benefices-gives an attractive personality, benefits after marriage and help from opposite sex.
b)      Under the influence of malefics-makes the native unchaste fellow, scandals are possible, loose character. Lust for opposite sex may harm the native.

15)  The Sun in the 11th house from Saturn is capable of giving Government Service. The position would depend on the strength of the Sun.

Shanker Adawal

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