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Birthday Forecasts daily predictions for those born in the month of November

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
November 1- Favorable stars for all works/contract you will undertake. Strained relations shall be normal this month/year. Public image shall be better. Try to earn by truthful means to the extent possible. Lucky jewels include Ruby and Emarald.

November 2- Popularity among colleagues and neighbor will increase with extra-responsibility for social work. Tenancy dispute gets settled. Lucky jewel is Topaz.

November 3-If your wife is also born on 3rd November, she is lucky for husband but do not expect too much from her. Help her. Authority and honors shall be conferred. Interest in religious matters shall increases. Cat's eye may suit depending on horoscope.

November 4-You will continue to have higher facilities of mind. Constant changes are indicated but think well before you shift. Love for art and music shall increase. Lucky jewels include Emarald and Diamond.

November 5-Business ability with shrewdness indicated. Develop the industry with systematic plans. Better results if you adopt the situation. Good time for lawyers specially on the criminal side. Use of Sapphire is suggested.

November 6-Bright chances for marriage for those who are due. Misunderstanding in married life would get cleared. Thought you are intelligent and wise but some mistakes shall be committed. Lucky jewels include Turquoise and Emarald.

November 7-A promising and fortunate time for Government and Public Sector employees. Politicians and brokers shall also have good time. Extra marital affairs specially among the known family circle may face some odd situation. Lucky jewels include Topaz and Emarald.

November 8- Be mild and accommodating in the face of anger of your spouse. Try to reduce the growth rift in the family specially between your mother and wife. Read the document before signing. Lucky jewels include Sapphire and black pearl.

November 9- Big success awaits you specially if involved in medical/engineering/accountancy. Name/fame via more studies of Shastras. Chances of minor theft or loss by five. Lucky jewels include Topaz and Pearl.

November 10- Those in police/defense may have to face some enquiry and may lag behind. Self check on expenditure is needed. Lucky jewels Ruby and Emarald.

November 11- Bright prospects for practicing doctors and architects. Brother's or sister's marriage, if due, may materialize shortly. Best time for buying or selling property. Lucky jewels include Topaz and Pearl.

November 12-Rift in the family on account of extramarital affairs. Some of you may have to undergo surgery. Have two opinions before admission in a Hospital. Good time for those engaged in tours and travels. Lucky jewels include Topaz and Pearl.

November 13- Manifold expansion of your work. Progress in your filed is indicated but be careful about frauds. Personal safety should be at top priority. Government officers and politicians may suffer public image. Lucky jewels include Diamond and Carol.

November 14- Drive safely, Exercise check on your children. Change of residence and also of job is indicated. Second marriage for divorces possible. If your son is on a risky job, advise him to take all precautions. Lucky jewels include Emarald and Pearls.

November 15-Favorable period indicated and more income would be earned. Digestive system may need extra care. Celebrate your birthday at Home with prayer to God. Helping hand farm parents. Lucky jewels include Pearl and Diamond.

November 16-Avoid or suspend extra-marital affair. Romance may bring bad name. Interference by relations in domestic affairs must be stopped. Pay proper attention to your business/industry otherwise income shall fall down. Jewels include Topaz and Emarald.

November 17- NO appreciation fro truthful persons including teacher/astrologers. Flatters and uneducated will flourish. Good time for judges/advocates etc. Labor problem for industry owners and unexpected accident for transporters. Lucky jewels include Saphire and Black Pearl.

November 18- Physical problems for politicians/money-lenders. Promised payments may be delayed. See your programmer as opportunities for helping others may come. Loss of pregnancy for expectant mothers. Lucky jewels include Pearl and Ruby.

November 19-Shifting of industry/work placed may be advantageous. Get your accounts checked or exercise greater internal checks. Start your day as usual as work is worship of course with prayer to God for the day Lucky jewels include Ruby and Emarald.

November 20-Bad luck in examinations for some of you. Rise in income for the year. Mother's health may need greater attention. Drive with care. Lucky jewels include Emarald and Pearl.

November 21- Chances of loss on account of theft/fire/robbery indicated. For some violation, penalty and fine cannot be rule out. Promotion and increments for those in service. Physical injury in quarrel or attack. Lucky jewels include Topaz and Amethyst.

November 22- Rough weather in married life depending on the placement of Saturn/Mars/Rahu in the birth chart. Bright time for lawyers and brokers. Patients of asthma to be careful. Best time for buying or selling prosperity. Mutual settlement is recommended. Lucky jewels are Topaz and Diamond.

November 23- Investment in property, industrial venture, and transport vehicles would be beneficial. Chances for son's/ daughter's marriage. Lucky jewels include Pearl and Diamond.

November 24- Great success in Industrial ventures but trouble from extra-marital affairs. Good time for those engaged in liason work and is in politics. Lucky jewels include Emarald/Pearl.

November 25- Beneficial year for lawyers/judges/bankers and Chartered Accountants. Importers/writers/teachers must be careful of the year about their valuables. Lucky jewels include Cats' eye and Pearl.

November 26- Avoid illegal transactions in property. Good time ahead in general. Son's/daughters marriage indicated. Take care about health of your wife. Luck jewels include Sapphire black pearl.

November 27- Politicians to be cautious about their conduct and must keep their incriminating documents safety. For others time is good. For some of your travel abroad or within India indicated. Lucky jewels include Topaz and Pearl.

November 28- Difficult time for Researchers in their respective field. For other, birth Rahu and Mars may have unfavor effect.

November 29- Better keep peace between wife and mother. More income is indicated and children shall do well. Avoid buying vehicle in a hurry. Verify the papers. Lucky jewels include Pearl and Diamond.

November 30- you are due both for hard work and recreational activity. Success in all undertakings and enhancement of prestige is indicated. Public servants are likely to favor time. Lucky jewels include Topaz and Emarald.

Shanker Adawal

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