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Birth Chart of Congress

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
Some of the Astrologers writing under Mundane astrology are shy in giving full planetary position while discussing a chart. It is true that they may not have time but they, in my humble opinion, do injustice to the Astrology and lovers of Astrology as mere birth chart leaves the readers to guess many things on their own.

There has been some difference of opinion about the Lagna of Congress, after the split, Congress (1) was formed on 2nd January, 1978 at 9.00 A.M., Delhi (details as per published works) and this gives rise to Capricorn Lagna but most of the Astrologers and the leading journal. The Babaji is following Saggitarius Lagna. Be that as it may, I shall be following the birth chart of 2nd Jan, 1978 being of the latest party.

The party was under influence of Rahu-Jupiter upto 25th June, 1997. From this date, the Party would be under the influence of Rahu-Saturn-both malefic. You cannot expect good results during this period. Even during the period of Rahu-Jupiter the results have not been encouraging except that some old leaders have rejoined the party to strengthen it. Inter-se conspiracies including bad name and court cases for some old leader have rejoined the party to strengthen it. Inter-se conspiracies including bad name and court cases for some of the leaders were seen because of Rahu (cheater-thief ) and Jupiter (senior person).

In birth chart, Lagna Lord Saturn in its retrograde position is in the 8th house and Mars, too retrograde is within 21 degrees. Saturn-the Lagna Lord is also aspected by Ketu. The Moon in the 9th house is eclipsed by Rahu and Ketu. The Sun and Venus gets to 12th house – 10th Lord Venus getting 12th house cannot give good result. Retrograde Mars aspect 10th house (seat of President of the Congress Party) and it its effects of the previous house are taken into account, Mars also aspect the 12th house. In other words, some strifes within the party and the head of the party facing some legal battle cannot be ruled out. It is for this astrological principle that Shri Sita Ram Kesari had to face some judicial cases in the Delhi High Court.

Rahu-Saturn period would be giving mixed results as Rahu is well placed but Saturn is in 8th house in Ketu's Nakshta. Further Lagna Lord Saturn is hemmed by Rahu and Mars who also happens to be 4th house lord-house of masses. Saturn the planet of masses cannot be said to be well placed and being retrograde can lead to some violence, party are because of closeness to Mars and for this violence, party shall be responsible. Anti-social elements within the party are likely to increase. However, relieving fact is aspect of Jupiter on Saturn-thus confirming mixed results as indicated above. In view of bad planetary position, the Congress may not be in a position to have a clear majority but some strength is indicated.

The inter-se differences ad predicted above had already come to fore. The latest being motion passed by UPCC against Shri Jitendra Prasada and chances for Shri N.D.Tiwari to become Chief of U.P.Congress (see Indian Express dated 23.09.1997) and News on the Doordarshan. Since other news are well-known and as such they are not multiplied.
Shanker Adawal

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