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Lalit Modi's Horoscope

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
Based on Bhrigu Nadi Tecnique

Lalit Modi (20.11.1963)

As per current scenario the activities which have come in the forefront are evident due to rotating Jupiter and Saturn with energized scorpio. Matters will not be in his favor and will not get respite till May 22nd, 2010. After that some control and he may/can try to set the house/business in order but the strain will continue however! Some hold on the issues but that is relative in comparison of year 2011. Probability of substantial losses. Better period, end of 2012 only.

Astro Tips for the Day; 4th May, 2010

MY ASTRO TIP FOR4/5/2010: A day when you will fell disgusted with tfinance and faily issues and also not happy with ethe management being done by you or/and by others. This is general. Your mood will be to rework and put issues in persepactive.
If it is your BIRTHDAY TODAY : Instead of being stubborn and and unfulfiiled be giving and supportive. Do not anlyze relationships too much. A brisk walk , conselling others and yourself and work for your dreams. Copper a good color. FRIDAY AND SUNDAY GOOD DAYS ESPECIALLY IF THEY FALL ON 4TH AND 9TH OF THE MONTH.

Not agreat deya in general but energy/metals/ unconventional stocks and health space will be steady but apply logic/think longterm today.

Despite all your strategies and work nothing will work out specifically – the results will be inadequate – this in work/proff. and other allied ares. For men – in relationship – do not be manipulative. A good day to plan.

A day when the people in foreld of management / art / design / areas where the product is changed to male it look beautiful/ the glaor world – there will activity / change /movement – be careful of decptions to those it applies for but a good day to move ahead . In relationships do not talk of break – ups – avoid arguments – best would be to gave emotional strokes and cuddle.

The people in any kind of commincation – electronic , print , talking etc - a day when you will be under some spell of fear – calculations going wrong – speaking the wrong thing – by the day end you will be able to handle but use logic and not spoken words today. In relationships one would need the intimacy area in plenty – words/ other wise to sooth yourself.

Your mind will be active – you will in a state of uncertainity – for those dealing with liquids and spirituality – will be afraid of the outcome – mind will be wavering – the outcome will be an arrogant attitude that you have the poser / ego to handle – take caution. Those in relayionship will find there partners peculiar due to there moods and best will be to talk and give security.

The pride / ego today will be subject to manipulation. Those in politics/ govt./ authority to be extra careful .You will skillfully manage by your management techniques / manipulations by the day end. A good day to have a drink/dinner with your loved ones

All plans and caculations you will feel are right and your pride will be at the peak – this may not be the right scenario – need to be practical – will apply more for those in planning and research kind of work . In relationship – you will find it difficult to handle the ego of this sign partner – best would be to state facts / ground them.

You will try by your skills to straighten things – may get you into compex problems – finally by the day end you will be able to get issues in control but there will be moments of tensions – apllies greater for executive/ those in the glamour world and allied / cosmetic and allied industries . In raltioship you will seek for physical intimacy.

A day of tensions / feeling of betrayal / a lot to do/ some reversals in job and like things – more for those in reality sector/ engineering – by the day end however will end with a profit and that you are in control – will end well – good day for sorting sticky property matters .Despite issues you will feel satisfied – this is for those in politics and people dealing . You will look for good company and a touch – talk kind of an evening.

A feeling that secretive cativities are happening – more with those in debts – also the sick will feel worse today – professionals in finance / food/ retail and like - a day where they will find shrinkage – not be happy with those working around – by the day end will set a plan to deal . In relationships you will try to argue the fiture – what it holds – the use of it – best is to avoid an argument – silence will pay.

You will try to put a sense of pride/ ego in your plans today and will meticulously write them. You should not speak as they will lead to negativity – write and disseminate if required. Those in health space / dealings abroad / metals and allied – they will be impacted more with the trend in the work space. Good day to buy land for this sign . In relationship a cat on the net – letters or a silent evening will be good.

A day when you have to be careful – sudden problems and reversals – tensions – please take care .Those in this sign and dealing with metals / underground products/ land – please be extra careful. In relationships the mood will be to fight and argue / let go or get to intimacy without the emotions there. Take care today.

There mood will be divine if I COULD SAY but things will fall in place. You will be faapy at you rplans with family , finance , business and the spiritual thoughts . This is the best sign for spiritual growth. Better than the other watery signs of Cancer and Scorpio where the mode is there but depth is swallowed by wordly/ other ambitions.

• Please make other member of the group – my dakshina.
• Do tell name /addresses / telephone numbers of the UNSUNG ASTROLOGERS WHO UNLIKE ME sits under a tree / leads a simple life but has the knowledge – we need to tap it.
• Experiences, and , other discussions.
• All queries to be on FB GROUP WALL excepting those very personal on AOL - to tell and confirm reply.
• Astrology gives trends – intuition is more important than MATHS.
• Never forget that negatives can be faced by free will.

Please bless me,
shnaker adawal

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