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Sachin Tendulkar, Praful Patel, Sharad Pawar and Lalit Modi

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Prediction based on Bhrigu Nadi Teqhnique

Sachin Tendulkar (24/4/1973)
As per my Bhrigu Nadi study An excellent period at the age from 37 to 49. He will do some pioneering work, something what a businessman does.  After putting his 100 percent in most of the events, will be (certainly) frustrating because of no gain till May 2, 2011. I could term it as his bad luck. He may not be getting the desired financials as expecting. After that year 2011 will be an excellent period for name, fame and embarks on a plan of new project.

Praful Patel (17/2/1957)
As per the date of birth of Sh. Praful Patel some difficulties till May 20th but he may able to maintain the equation with the authority. He is able to manage and change the show very diplomatically and handle the show very intelligently in year 2011. He will aggressively make changes which will benefit him immensely in year 2012. As per my study based on Bhrigu Nadi technique the rotation of planets, NCP perhaps remain, manage the environment and strategize, plans of 2011 will emerge become stronger in 2012.

Sharad Pawar (12/12/1940)
Retro Jupiter, Saturn with Moon and Rahu in 6th house, nothing will happen till mid of May this year. He will win and gain in year 2011. Also occurrences of enigmatic activities. Lesser gain against lots of efforts in work and high mental exertion. A new start and major change and activities in year 2011 and good expecting till year 2012.

Lalit Modi (20.11.1963)
As per current scenario the activities which have come in the forefront are evident due to rotating Jupiter and Saturn with energized scorpio. Matters will not be in his favor and will not get respite till May 22nd, 2010. After that some control and he may/can try to set the house/business in order but the strain will continue however! Some hold on the issues but that is relative in comparison of year 2011. Probability of substantial losses. Better period, end of 2012 only.

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