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When A Father Is Troubled By His Son

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

As is known, the Astrology- is based on ‘Karma-theory’- Karma (deeds) of the previous also birth also. Not only has that inter-se relationship between father and son depended on the planetary forces governing both father and the son. But we shall mainly reply on the birth chart of the son to show that suffering to father and other habits of father.

Longitudes of the Planets

Degree Minute
Ascdt. 12 59
Sun 29 24
Moon 07 43
Mars 04 02
Mercurry 15 34
Jupiter 17 22
Venus 11 22
Saturn 08 27
Rahu 05 19
Ketu 05 19
Uranius 03 14
Neptune 14 15
Pluto 13 16

Other Information:

DOB- 15.12.1973, Latitude- 28.39, Longitude- 77.13, TOB- 2:55AM
Day of birth – Saturday Saturn- Retrograde

As per computerized Horoscope: Mercurry and Rahu shown as ‘Combust’.

Among the houses, while delineating the horoscope of the son, first look has to got eh 9th house and 10th house picture as to how the father is placed. Without dwelling on this aspect, it would be good to discuss the above birth chart of the native and know about his father:

The question put on 10th July, 1995 at 3:45 M (Delhi) by the father of the native was whether his relations with his son would improve and whether his relations with his son would improve and whether the son would come on the right path as per his desires. During the course of discussion I was told that the boy is ‘obstinate’, ‘angry’ and does not want to study or do business as per desires of father. The following is detailed delineation of the horoscope specially with reference to inter-se relation with father and son:

Before proceeding further, it would be worthwhile to reproduce the Hirary Chart of 10th July, 1995 when Sagittarius was rising and the planetary position was as under:

Planetary Position

Degree Minute
Ascendant 07 50
Sun 24 05
Moon 23 50
Mars 29 50
Mercurry 05 53
Jupiter (R) 12 33
Venus 12 40
Saturn (R) 00 56
Rahu 08 49
Ketu 08 49

In the Horary Chart, at the question time, Sagittarius was rising. The Lagna was being aspected by Ketu and Saturn (R) both malefic- both proving that the son continues to be hostile against Father. Another malefic was entering Virgo just after couple of hours and aspected the Lagna. Even otherwise, Mars was IXth house (house for father) and had no strength in view of its being in last degree. Lagna Lord Jupiter, itself in retrograde motion was the inauspicious house i.e. 12th and as aspected by Saturn (Retrograde). Therefore the Lagna (Querrent) and Lagna Lord were not free form affliction. Even the IXth house was aspected by Saturn (Retrograde) and Ketu. Now a word about the son. The Vth house- signification of children was occupied by Ketu and was shortly to be aspected by Mars- thus indicating that the son will be in anger- rather more fiery element would come to his mind because of various malefic contents- i.e. Vth house was occupied by Ketu in the sing of Mars who had no strength and Ketu was again in its own Nakshtra i.e. Asinine. Accordingly, the horary chart did not show good position with regard to inter-se relationship between father and son. The Sun at time is also taken as father. It is in 7th house but apparently in the grip of ladies is Venus (wife of the querrent) and some senior (aged) lady. This lady has to be from the family-10th Lord being in IVth house [Saturn (R)]. This point was confirmed by the querrent during the course of discussion that the son was practically under the control of his wife and grand- mother (wife’s miter).

Now we come to the birth chart. Scorpio Lagna was rising and with reference to degree it fell in Anuradha ruled by Saturn. The Sun, Mercurry and Neptune are in Lagna of the Native and Lagna is hemmed by Rahu and Uranus. The Lagna Lord gets to one of the inauspicious houses i.e. 8th house. Lagna Lord Mars is himself in the Nakshtra Aswini ruled by Ketu. Mars is aspected by another malefic. Rahu from the 2nd house (separation and friction in the house (house for father), 12th house and Lagna. From this small note about Lagna and Lagna Lord it is seen that the martial and abortive powers and so would be his actions against the father (the topic under consideration) and also for the ‘self’.

2nd house had Rahu and is aspected by the Saturn, another malefic from the 8th house. Ketu is also posited in 8th house aspecting the 2nd house (house of family). There is no relieving aspect on the 2nd house- the benefic. Jupiter and Venus get to 3rd house (12th to the 2nd house). Apart from this affliction of the 2nd house, Rahu is in the Naksthra of Ketu (Moola), Saturn in the Nakshtra of Rahu (Ardra) and Ketu in the Nakshtra of Mars (Mrigsara). Think of the affliction of the 2nd house and as such friction and metal tension in the family is bound to be there.

Domestic happiness and family life is also indicated by the 4th house and mother is also signified by the 4th house. Saturn governs in 4th house. The native was also born on Saturday. The lord of 3rd house and 4th house gets to the inauspicious house in the grip of two malefic i.e. Rahu and Ketu and even posited in the sign of Mercurry but as stated above is in the Nakshtra of Rahu. The influence of Rahu on the 2nd house and 4th house speak of ‘separation’ and other unwanted happenings on the part of the native in the house i.e. annoyance, causing troubles and becoming a cause of troubles/ difficulties in the family. It may also be mentioned that 8th Lord Mercurry, though gains some strength by being in the Lagna but unfortunately the strength is sufficiently lost by aspect of Mars (though the Mars is aspecting own sign-aspecting from positive sign to the negative sign Scorpio) and Mercurry is also combust because of its closeness to the Sun.

The mother is also represented by the 4th house. The 4th Lord Saturn has no strength but in view of Venus and Jupiter being in the other sign of Saturn, it indicates that the native is under the influence of mother and senior ladies. This apart, the Moon is also mother but even mother is not free from the ‘fiery’ nature of the native as the MOON of the native is alone in Leo and is not hemmed by any planet except Pluto in the next house. In other words, this position can make the native bereft of happiness and other benefits from family and he cans loss part of his wealth by his own actions.

Before preceding further, a word about the mind of the native. The native’s horoscope is one of the indicators’ of various cases where the native is not in a position to apply his mind properly with reference to given set of circumstance. In view of inherent afflictions he is not to be blamed. Astrologically, the Moon, though in the 10th house is not well placed – is in the Nakshtra of Ketu and has no benefic i.e. Jupiter and Venus gets to VIth house (one of the Navamsha Kundi with Moon and Jupiter in the IXth house but here again this combination aspected by Saturn.

From the above it is clear that the father, son vis-à-vis family friction is substantially indicated by the birth chart and this can be improved by the ‘Karma’ deeds of both the father and son and propiation of certain planets with remedial measures.

Another way to look at the horoscope is via Nakshtra i.e. the Nakshtra in which the native was born and where the other planets are placed Nakshtra- wise. Out of 12 planets including Uranus, Nepture and Pluto, many planets and Ascendant are in the Nakshtra of Rahu, Saturn and Mars thus indicating the perverse mind and affliction.

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