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A Journey: Through Psychic Experiences

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
Genuine Psychic Power may go either with the most unworldly and spirited minded nature, or with a thoroughly worldly and material- minded temperament and even mercenaries. There can be no question that genuine spirituality like that of great sages and Rishis and Munis, helps to develop the faculties of Esoteric-Vision and Adhyatmic mystical perceptions. That, what are unforeseen and otherwise scientifically yet unexplained phenomena?

Nevertheless, Clairvoyance, quite real clairvoyance, and other power of Super consciousness and Extra-Sensory Perceptions (ESP) and even Telekinetic and Teleplastic gifts, may be developed to a starting extent, to produce striking parameters, in people whose only activation motives are material gains or vanity or both.

There are, for instances, during my professional consultancy, many cases of people experimenting with a view to foresight, whether Psychic Faculties can assist in gambling activities; like in backing Race-Horses that will win, or betting or winning numbers at Routlette and Black Jack, in Casinos. Also there are others imitating to be great Juglars and Magicians like Houndini and sorcar performing vanishing, materializing and replacing Acts in public gathering. Among them, some attire in saffron, exhibiting Crow-Next Hair-style and pretending to be Swami’s and Bhagwans. They produce Wrist watches made in Japan and Holy ashes. Their Psychic developments are through Pisach Tantric Siddhi’s and Na-Paak llms. These appeals to Psuedo-intel-lectuals and unrational gullible. These are the degenerates in our society with shady character. They have remote control political and multimillionaire backing, for performing Miracles, hoodwinking the innocents and poor publics. They use the different techniques to Mesmerise and Hypnotise the mass, and make look that their forecasts are as ordained by God, himself.

Only very rarely, and to a very limited extent, will discarnate spirit, help be given, in such attempts. The more highly developed Spirited People (and the others have not much increased their Earth-Powers), will refuse to turn and ‘Honest-Gamble’, where both sides are talking a chance, into a swindle; where one party would really be taking a chance at all.

Faith-Healing and Diving Holistic Healing may be inborn, hereditary or suddenly appear in a person, but potent individuals can be taught these techniques thought Hatha Yoga and Yantra. Mantra and Tantra. It may be relative in advancement to this birth and previous births Kaima, Karma, also genetically hereditary.

The nineteenth and twentieth Century has experience and recorded Great Mystics. These were those who had evolved a Super-Conscious Souls- like Sri Ramkrishna, Vivekanand, Aurobindo, Yogananda and Dr. Shivanand. While the Theosophical Society which was influenced by Cultural Renaissance followed by Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Naba- Bidhan of Keshav Chandra Sen of Classic Brahmo Samaj. Madame Blavatsky and Annie Beasants were phychic- Clairvoyants and along with Col. Olcott influenced the Westerners in Oriental Mystism J.K.Krishanmurthy, Bahais, Gurdjeiff and Rajneesh were psychic-Philosophers, well-read but obvious reasons more often misinterpreted. Many Sufi Saints and wandering bails also exerted their spiritual processes, from centuries in the India sub-continent. Khwaja Garib Nawaz, Gospak, Shirdi Saibaba, Magdum Sha and Mira Dattar are such Sufi Saints, while purnadas are other Eastern Bauls sang and communicated with the almighty with their ektara.

But an earth-person’s own ‘PSI’ faculty, without the deliberate help of discarnate entities, does necessarily influence to some extent all the guesses random shots, etc. and impulses to gamble or refrain form gambling at a given enough to be a reliable source of profit or eliminate risks of loss, but enough to improve the ‘odds’ somewhat. We know of people dreaming winners when not betting, but getting losers when they backed their dream horses.

Bhakti-Sadhana or true devotion towards Self-Realisation by mundane-detachment and gradual detrainment is ideal form of practice, according to me; so that process of renunciation unhampered leading to perfection towards Psychic Development. Just like ‘Super-saturation point’. It uniform homogenous solution. Similarly excess has to be refrained to get pragmatics result, without contradictions for after side-effects. Virility and resistances to temptations has to be increased, so that the threshold is so strong, it becomes a positive barrier for the virulent negative force which are then rendered inactive and neutralized. Osho Rajneesh propagated the opposite or transiently mediation of Maharshi Yogi, where concentration helps Psi’ development or what may be called ‘Tao of Physics’. He called it: ‘No Mind’. A state of absolute vaccumness, where the mind ceases to think and there is no disturbance due to thorough emptiness. Thus contrary to Dr, Sigmund Freud’s theory of supra-consciousness and sub consciousness, Rajneesh preached the uniqueness of Omnipresence through absolute Sate of Static- borrowed from Zen Buddhism.

While hypnotism, mesmerism and telepathy, are subtle psychic development, astral projection, regression and different divine, spiritual and faith healings are activated through-aura and human energy field. The latter are advance stages of same faculty.

While Sri Shyama Charan Lahiri and Telingia Baba practiced and taught the quintessence of Tantia-Raja-Tantra and Maha-Nirvana Tantra; it was Sir john Wood-roff (Arthar Avalon) the High court Justice of Madras and Calcutta, of British India; who translated, assimilated and gave purport to them. His famous books, in reference to Oriental scriptures are: Serpent Power or Kundalini Sakti, Sakti and Sakta, Hymas to Kali and Introduction to Tantra. These can refer to by ardent and aspirant students, for guidelines to psychic development.

While practicing these techniques of raising the enhancement of primodial energy i.e. raising the Kundalini from Moola Dhara to the Saharsha Dhara Chara passing through the 7 Chakras and Ida, Pingla and shleshma Nadi; it must be taken into relative account- ‘The Theory of Karma’

The basic ingredients of this principles are; Do upto others as you want them to do unto you every action has equal and opposite reaction, as you sow so you shall reap Truth prevails- ‘Satya-meva-Jayate’.

Dr. Albert Eienstian theory of Rrlativity i.e. E=mc, has much value, in today rational concepts.

Thus we are entering the 21st Century, with Sixth Generation crystal and Blue-chip Era of soft and hardware Computers. The jinx box, idiot box, ICEM- intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear bombs and space rockets are discoveries of intellectuals and higher minds. But aren’t these all are ultimately destructive; unless, of course there is dawning of Psychic Research and Development and its applications in HRD- Human Research Development for all spheres of Scientific Advancements.

And in this irreversible journey of ‘One-Way’ life, it is high time that Vedic Jyotisha be made compulsory and added to the academic curriculum, so that coming generation can rediscover through the glories of this ancient science. Not only each one of us gains higher constructive aims, objective and goals; but serious Astrological Research will make own and all arise life: Truthful, contended and blissful-Sat-Chit-Anand for a pragmatic and positive – ‘Better Tomorrow’.

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