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Corporate Astrology

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA) Corporate astrology is the application of Astrological principles to companies, firms, industries, institutions, organization etc. It is known and accepted by all that due to planetary forces certain companies prosper well and others fail miserably. In order to implement measures and to ensure the prosperity of the company and those associated with a detailed study becomes inevitable. For this purpose, the date of incorporation, the date of commencement of business, date of commencement of business, date of production and even date of installation heavy manufacturing machinery etc. became important. In addition, the Corporate Astrologer would need the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of the Managing Director and of one key person May Executive director etc. It may not be possible to discuss all the astrological principles but it would suffice to say that various commodities and companies are governed by the planets and also their Nakstras (Asterisms).

2. Be it a company or any organization or even a country the basic principles of astrology would continue to be the same- i.e. with reference to birth horoscope or be it the field horary Astrology or the Mundane astrology. Without dwelling on this aspect, it would suffice to say that the effect of planets is felt by all- both by animate and in animate. It is also mentioned that the planets equally effect agricultural products (India is stilly an agricultural country. Most of the companies depend on agricultural products- hence the effect on the corporate sector including the shares of companies dealing with agricultural products including edible oil etc. Similarly, mines, gold, gems, rather all type of trading and manufacturing activity comes under the domain of planets. It is true that in modern times, new fields of various business and manufacturing activities have come, but the astrologer has to apply his mind to all such new corporate field and derive results form the planetary forces apart from God-gift institution and personal experience.

3. Most of you know that the horoscope is divided into 12 parts and we astrologically call them house. Each house has something to signify and this signification coupled with signification of planets and their signs go a long way in making the required predictions. Briefly, the first house of a company indicates personal of the company including major share-holder, the 2nd house indicates capacity to earn profits vis-à-vis it ability to incur expenditure, all sorts of communications and transportation come under the 3rd house, the 4th house would represent the corporate office/registered office of the company, the 5th house in a company’s horoscope speak for all sorts of entertainments, sports, social activities etc., 6th house represent workers and their health-rather all labour problems, 7th house represent all sorts of agreements including foreign collaborations, growth of the company, 8th house stand for gains and losses including speculation activities, revenues for investments, hidden income/assets, 9th house speak of some senior official including Public Relation Officer, the seat of Managing Director has to be seen from 10th house (supreme for corporate activity), inter-se corporate relations will be seen from 11th house and finally all matters connected with disintegration and liquidation /dissolution, amalgamation. BIFR cases etc. come under the 12th House.

4. Now some words about the planets. It may not be possible to refer to the significations and effects of all the planets but a broad reference to some of them would make the reader interested to know more about the same. The Sun, central figure, rules over the sign LEO and his three Nakshtras Kritika, Uttarphaluguni and Uttarashada Gold, Ruby, Governments financial schemes, banking business, jewellery ornaments, and with reference to corporate sector, public relation etc. come under the domain of the Sun. The Moon owns its sign Cancer and rules over Nakshtras Rohini, Hastha, Saravana, Shipping, exports, alcohol, cold drinks, rather all type of liquids come under the control of the Moon, Mars, the planet of Energy, rules over Aries and Scorpio. It owns Mirgshara, China and Dhanishta, Iron, Steel, electricity, furnaces and all activity involving energy, bombs, missiles, explosives etc come under the domain of Mars. Even the Nakshtras have control of different commodities i.e. Mrigsara refers to teeth, honey, animal, chitra refer to precious stones and luxury items and Dhanishta refer to gold wheat, industry. It is not considered apt to refer to all the nine planets (including Nodes Rahu and Ketu) and 27 Nakshtras. Those interested in the subject may get in touch with the author.

5. With this back ground it would be apt to say some of the settled principles and prediction with reference to the corporate sector:

(i) Five Thursday in an Indian month speak of fall in share market- think of the position in November 1995.

(ii) Fall in gold/silver indicated on 2/3rd June, 1996 and Gold section may be at the lowest abb on or about 18th June, 1996.

(iii) Rise in shares of mustard oil/oil seeds indicated on or about 16th June, 1996.

(iv) Cotton market is expected to flare up when the Sun and Mars come into one Nakshtra.

(v) Ups and down in the market and daily fluctuation are governed by the Moon and Mercurry supported by the benefic influence of Jupiter who is signification of plenty and prosperity but at the same time responsible for slump or depression.

(vi) Earlier in my lecture on corporate astrology-Aires born persons were advised to unload their unwanted shares before 8.12.1995 and some of them were advised to do so before 16.02.1996. Similar professional advice can be given to those who are interested.

(vii) If the Jupiter aspects the Sun immediately on its entry into another sign, the slump in the market of cotton and oil seeds cannot be rolled out. Check 15.06.1996 and watch the market on 15th / 16th, June, 1996.

(viii) Over-recession in the market is indicated when the Saturn becomes in opposition to Jupiter.

(ix) With the entry of Venus in the sign Saggitarus, the cotton market is expected to fall within 24 hours.

(x) Solar ingress on Saturday results in good rise in the market of cotton and oil seeds. Similarly Saturn and Mars aspecting the Sun may flare up market.

(xi) Jupiter in direction motion creates abundant production and fall in prices while Retrograde Jupiter remarkably raises the prices. Watch the period after 4th May, 1996 when the Jupiter gets to retrograde motion in its own sign Saggitarus.

(xii) Price of ghee goes up when the Mercurry in its. Retrograde Motion is in its own sign Virgo.

The principle can multiplies. The Corporate Executives and other interested in the subject can know more the Corporate Astrology from the author.
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