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Government Servant and Promotion in Service - Astro Study

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
--> Nativ's Question:
When I will get Promotion as Commissioner of Income-Tax
The native/qurrent is a Deputy Commissioner of Income-Tax. Earlier a computerized Horoscope was given which was prepared by some Computer shop in Madras where the Lagna as indicated as that of Saggitarus. With the same time of birth, the computer horoscope prepared in Delhi shows the Lagna as Aquirus which is considered to be correct and the position held by the native. The following is the correct Birth Chart:
DOB - 17/18.04.1951 - TOB-03.35 AM Lat. 27.08 (N) and Longitude 81-58(East)
From the above it is seen that the native has Exalted Sun. Mars in own sign, Venus in its own sign, and with benefic Jupiter also in own sign. Degree-wise Jupiter Lagna and Rahu practically establish an Ithasal in themselves.

2. Normally, with reference to the astrological principles, the Government authority is given by the Exalted Sun and/ or also by well placed Jupiter supported by the strength of other planets and the placement of planets in the Navamsha.

Other combinations with reference to strength of 10th house and 10th lord are not being discussed as from the planetary position in the horoscope, the held by the native is proved and the same can be seen from the following discussion.

3. In birth Chart, the native’s Lagna is Aquirus (Kumbha) and Lagna Lord Saturn (Retrograde) though in 8thth house. The native has Sun in the exaltation sign but is with Mars. The strength to the horoscope is given by the following factors: house but was in the Nakshtra of Sun and is aspected by benefic Jupiter in its own sign. Lagna has Rahu who was in the Nakshtra of Jupiter aspected by the Moon from 7.
(i) Sun is exaltation sign, Jupiter in its own sign,
(ii) Mars in its own sign and
(iii) Venus in its own sign.

In Navmasa chat, Venus gets exalted in Pisces, Moon gets to its own sign, Saturn also gets to own (Moon- trikona Aquirus) though the Sun gets in the grip of Rahu and Mars gets debilitated.

4. The native was born with balance of ketu Maha-dasha of 0 years 3 month and 24 days. After running dashas of Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, the dasha of Mars was over on 11th Aug 1994.

5. Some professional charge (local transfer) had taken place on 8th June, 1994 when the native was under the influence of mars-Moon-Ketu up to 14.05.1194- actually the process or thinking about the change had started then and thus it happened just before the day Ketu changed it s sing. From Taurus, Ketu entered Aries in its own Nakshtra Aswini on 9th June, 1994. This apart, when I had received telephone sall about the transger, Movable sign Cancer ruled by the Moon and Retrograde Jupiter was aspecting the 10th Lord and 10th house apart from the aspect of Retrograde Saturn on the 10th house and 10th Lord. Since, Moon was in exaltation sign, Mercury in its own sign and powerful Mars in its own sign on the date and time of telephonic call, the transfer could be said to be beneficial.

6. For promotion in government Service, various rules have been laid down-some department follow the interview system and most of them follow only the reports written annually by the bosses and how the individual is considered by the Department Promotion Committee (in case of the native being a senior Gazetted Officer), in volvement of Union Public Service Commission has to be there. Apart from the stars of the native, stars of various other person who are due for promotion may also play a major role. Be that as it may, astrological rules provide that the 10th house and 10th Lord cannot be ignored apart from the Lagna and Lagna Lord. The strength of the Birth chart had been noted. The only obstacle if any can be created by the Lagna Lord Saturn who happens to be in 8th house (in auspicious house) but Saturn being in the sign of a (friend aspected by Jupiter and being in the Nakshtra of Jupiter, the obstacle will not remain there. Now with regard to 10th Lord Mars, it can be said that Mars is well placed in its own sign Aries with the Sun in exaltation sign though not in deep exaltation. From the Moon Lagna, Lagna Lord Sun become more powerful being in the 9th house (house of fortune) and 10th house is occupied by Venus in own sign.

7. Applying the transit, some gainful change in profession was possible between 6th to 13th August, 1994. Rahu-Rahu-Rahu started from 11.08.1994 and will be there upto 6th Jan. 1995. Rahu and Jupiter will be in 9th12th November, 1994 i.e. before entry of Jupiter in Scorpio. Some hold the opinion that during the dasha of Lagna Lord (Pratantra of Saturn after 17.05.1995 upto 20.10.1995) may also become responsible for giving the promotion. Since I have no information about the government rules and when the native is getting a change to be a contender i.e. in consideration zone, but 10th house and 10th Lord Stand fortified in December, 1994 (certain dates). house with reference to natives’ birth lagna and this period and along with the period following by Rahu-Rahu-Jupiter may give the promotion. The event of promotion is possible before

8. Now a word about malefic Rahu- It is accepted by all that Rahu is just Saturn- ‘Stani-vat-Rahu’. But the sages have considered Rahu to be beneficial in various signs and places. Rahu in 10th house has been considered by various authorities to be beneficial but here the Rahu is in Lagna in the sign of Staurn-both malefics but saving point comes from the fact that Saturn is in Nakstra of the Sun and Rahu in the Nashtra of Jupiter though the sun is enemy of Saturn and Jupiter is neutral. But both the Sun and Jupiter are well placed in the birth chart. In Navamsa, Rahu gets to the sign of Venus, a friend but it takes away substantially the power of the Sun and therefore the native has to be careful during the period 16.10.1996 to 04.12.1996 (Rahu-Rahu-Sun) with regard to service matters and must discharge the duties carefully. There is another view of the astrologers that Rahu and Ketu, if in the signs of Capricorn or Aquarius in the natal chart, just do not give favorable result in their dasha periods. But this can’t be accepted as blank statement as the promotion/prospects would depend on the total strength of the horoscope and favorable aspects and association of Rahu. It is started also by some Rahu association with Jupiter (as it is in transit may confer God’s grace to give promotion etc). The other known and accepted principle of Rahu and Ketu is that donot own any sign. They will give the result of the house in which they are posited, the results of the owners of the houses occupied by them and also the results of the planets with whom they are associated. Therefore, apart from little obstacles, the natives’ promotion is assured.
Dr. Shanker Adawal
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