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Failed thrice in Class 10th & 11th. Is it native’s karma or planet's position?


Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Of late many failures of students especially in the crucial classes have been reported by parents i.e. X, XI and XII classes. It is known in the present set up of the society that the results i.e. performance of the natives in these classes play an importance part in the life of the native. Rather the results in these classes serve as a stepping stone for the making or marring of the career.

In astrology, the education has to be looked from various houses. After considering the opinions from various astrologers, it can be said that the houses to be considered for education are IVth, IInd, Vth amd IXth. For higher and higher education and Government Awards connected with education (professional or otherwise) we look to XIth house though some of the astrologers hold the view that this should be looked form the Xth house. But with reference to the views of some leading astrologers, even the Lagna and Lagna Lord cannot be ignored. Lagna has been considered to be the seeence of the whole horoscope (Shri J.N. Bhasin in his Astro-Sutras). Education is one of the factors for start of life and struggle for life and this is what was opined by Dr. G.S. Kapoor in his Bhrigu sutram.

The known and accepted significations for education are Jupiter and Mercurry. In addition the Moon is also responsible for education for the natives. The Moon is ‘Chitta’ or emotions for the sorts. It would suffice to say that the Moon represents the highest state of mind learning in all kinds of liquids-water, milk etc. the requisite skill (education) is provided by the Moon to govern the public in general. Thus the well equipped (educated) may become leader because of well placed Moon. It may also mention that the Moon in various signs and houses influences the governed by the Moon. That is why the base of education acquired in childhood becomes responsible for future life of the native.

Apart from the consideration of Lagna and Lagna Lord, the following houses become responsible for education as indicated below:

IInd house- basic and primary education. 4th
house - main academic education especially upto Xth class, XIIth class or near about graduation if the filed of education id diversified i.e. some diplomas etc. 5th house- Graduation and near thereto.

IXth house- Post graduation, andXth house- Higher Education-Honors-awards etc. Thought some of the astrologer considers the XI house for this purpose. You may send your astrological Views on this Issue. For your information, honour separated form education is referred to the Xth house but Dr. Sastri in Uttarkalmrita, Shri Sareen in his Uttarkalmrita, Dr. Kapoor in Bhrigu Sutras and Shri J.N. Bhasin in Astro-Sutras refer Honour to the First House (Lagna).

With the above principles regarding Plants, Houses and Signs responsible for education (even the Nakshtra in which the native is born has its say in the matter of education), it would suffice to refer to the following charts:

Chart No. 1




Jupiter Rahu






This horoscope belongs to late Shri Ram Kishan dalmia, a note Industrialist (chart taken from one of the books for want of birth details). From news-item dated 10th march 1993, in the Hindustan Times it was noted that he had studied up to matriculation but came out to be excellent speaker and writer of English, Hindi and Bengali. Saturn in the IVth house did its part but Moons’ aspect Lagna apart from contributions made by the Xth house. Role of the Moon in education is well depicted.

Linking the astrological principles with reference to the present day problems, a reference to the following chart is sufficient in view of shortage of space in this issue.

Chart No. 2










DOB-15.04.1975-TOB, 8:00A.M. Latitude-28:39-Langitude-77.13


Lagna 07 38

Sun 00 01

Moon 10 22

Mars 09 00

Mercurry 26 51

Jupiter 13 32

Venus 07 52

Saturn 19 20

Rahu 10 06

Balance of Moon’s Dasha at birth 9 years 9 months and 9 days. From the above chart, no astrologer would be in position to say that the native will pass even XI. On facts, for any reason, may be for lack of parental interest and diversion of activities indicated by Venus, the native has failed once in Xth class and twice in XIth class with the result that the native had to say ‘good bye’ to education. Just think the strength of the Horoscope- Sun exalted, the Moon Exalted, Venus in own sign and Jupiter in own sign and Mercurry is own Nakshtra Revti. With regards to defects in the horoscope, the native has ‘Kalasarpa yoga’ but that itself is not sufficient to deny the basic education as I have seen many horoscoprs with Kal-sarpa Yoga to rise to various levels and also acquiring good education, Secondly from education point of view there is no planet in the IVth house and the 4th Lord Sun gets to the XII house though in the sign of exaltation. IVth house has more male-fic content in view of aspect of Mars and also Saturn. Saturn is also aspecting two important significators Jupiter and Mercurry. Rahu is also aspecting the 5th Lord Sun from 8th house. In other words the maledic content is more than the benefit. Precisely, two exalted Luminaries, two benefit plants in their own respective sign have failed to give the native basic education and the Mars/Rahu/Saturn have succeeded in their mission. This is a point of great significance in astrology, the astrikigers are reqyested ti send their VIEWS.

The native is at present under the influence of Rahu and it is known that the Rahu is, among other significations is a cheater and would temp the native to obtain false/fabricated certificate to keep-up the social status. The consulter was wared not to enter into this practice as the native would land in more unexpected difficulties specially upto 6th October, 1995- period of Rehu-Rahu, (no feed back).

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