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Health: Would I Become a Medical Practitioner


Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Who is a medical practitioner? This is the question which has embraced various facets in the presents-day life. All persons, Acharyas, Auyrvedic doctors, MBBS/MD degree holders, Homoepaths and even some of the unqualified persons prescribing herbs/medicines and Unani Hakims (whether by experience or by qualifications) come under the category of ‘Medical practitioners’. So is the case with Naturopaths who prescribe some natural/green herbs i.e. all to be used in the natural way- some use oils/ointments. The astrological principles provide the base for such persons and the combinations so prescribed some time make it difficult to pronounce whether the native is a medical practicing. Even some of the Yogis and those who are practicing Yogas/teaching yogas also prescribe some sort of medicines.

Astrology has many branches. The main astrological principles have been laid down by sage Prasara in his Prasara Hora and other classical works. We have Jatak-Parijat, Sarvartha Chintamani, Garg’s Hora, Varhamihira’s and so on. One other classic was given by Jaimini-Maharishi Jaimini- known as Jaimini Sutram. Jaimini system, though practiced by few has come us by way of English translation from various person including that of Prof. P.S.Sastri. Here the principles laid down in Jaimini system with regard to ‘medical practioner’ shall be examined:

(i) When the Moon is in a sign owned by Venus which should be Karakamsa Lagna and when this Moon is aspected by Venus, one becomes a Chemist.

(ii) When the Moon in Karakmasa is aspected by Mercurry one may become a medical practitioner:

It may be noted that Jaimini system has laid very general principle and in actual practice it may be difficult to put them into practice. Be that as it may, we have to make use of the principles as laid down within the frame-work of Jaimini system. With regard to medical practitioners, in modern times various types of specialization in chemistry and medicine have come to stay. Considering the allocation of various parts of body to the different signs and houses, the following conclusions are possible:

  • Preventive Medicine: Lagna, 6th house and 8th house
  • Dermatology- Saturn and 8th house
  • stomach ailments- 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th house
  • Lumbago and its treatment- 7th house and Libra
  • Urinary and kidney afflictions-their treatment- 8th house and scorpio
  • Orthopedics- 9th house and saggitarus
  • Throat, ears and Pharnx- E.N.T specialists- 3rd house and Gemini
  • Othalmology-Capricorn aspects by Saturn
  • Cardiologist - 7th house and Libra-consider also the Moon, Mercurry, and Venus
  • Radiologists- Aquirus or Scopio-Mars or Saturn must be associated with Moon and Mercurry
  • Bones specialist - Saturn (under the main principles of astrology, the sun is also for bones.
  • Child specialist - 5th houses, the Sun and Jupiter
  • Surgeons (all types of surgery) - Mars (some attribute Rahu also)
  • Gynecology - Mars and 8th house

Keeping in mind the basic principle that any specialization is provided by the mutual association of the Moon and Mercurry, the scope of bringing experts in the treatment of various parts of the body can be extended as under with reference to planets:

Planet responsible (broadly) for Medical Practitioner's field and specialisation

  • Heart, circulatory system, blood, spleen, thyroid, spine etc. - The Sun
  • Digestive system, tumors, epilepsy, nausea, breasts, uterus. - The Moon
  • Piles, nasal ailments, genitals, muscles (sex specialists) - Mars
  • Respiratory system, lungs, nerves, Pancreas, parathyroid, brain- Mercurry
  • Liver, arteries, hips, diabetes, pancreas (Pancreas are indicated both for Mercurry and Jupiter) - Jupiter
  • Kidney, ovaries, diphtheria, hair, neck, skin, ulcers, veins- Venus
  • Bones, mineral salts, teeth, knees, feet, bladder, arthritis, all chronic complaints - Saturn

Since Jamini system of astrology need to be developed/ practiced, those involved in this study and its practice may please mail their views to email:

It may be mentioned that- the 1st house of ‘Kala Pursha’ is the head and brain (Self). According to rules of ‘triplicity’ (three houses), 1st, 2nd and 3rd houses represent self. 4th, 5th and 6th houses are attributed to comforts and pleasures of life. 7th, 8th and 9th houses represent sex’ and connected matters. Finally, ‘Karma’ and Dharma’ are assigned to 10th, 11th and 12th (including salvation).

Now, a word about the parts of the body, medical profession/medicine/chemistry etc. as to what other classics authorities say. With regards to distribution of limbs in Jaimini’s pre-natal astrology and Prasara’s natal astrology, it can be said that both agree that Head, face and stomach are signified by 1st, 2nd and 5th houses respectively. On other parts, difference of opinion is as under:

Houses and their Jaimini Prasara

House 3 Throat, ears, phyarnx -Hands

House 4 Arms -Heart

House 6 Shanks, Loins -Lions

House 7 Heart, back -Abdomen

House 8 Anus, genitals -Genitals

House 9 Legs -Thighs

House10 Eyes -Knees

House 11 Ears -shanks

House 12 Nose -Feet

(Note the sharp difference especially for house no. 10, 11 and 12)Varahamihira assigns loins to the 6th house and 7th house is attributed to abdomen.

It hardly need to be mentioned that medical profession runs into various specialized branches. Under Jaimini principles, it is seen that Moon and Mercurry need to be related to one another.

Here comes the role of ASTROLOGY- THE SOUL OF ALL. The astrologer has to apply his mind to the totality of the horoscopes keeping in view the significations of the houses, signification of the planets, planets occupying a particular and aspected sign/house by a particular planet. Apart from signs, planets and houses, we have Nakshtra based professions. For example, natives born under Aswini must give rise to doctors/engineers depending on the degree (Pada od Aswini). For detail, ask for S.P.Pahwa’s book on Aswini Naksthra- the complete ready- reckons for persons born with the Moon upto 13.20 degrees vis-à-vis results of other planets in Aswini.

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