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Mars the Universal Lord

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

MARS is known to be the Universal Lord. Much has been written by the sages and modern writers about Mars and its various facets on the lives of human beings. But still some more researches on certain topics is the need of the hour with reference to modern times. One of such topic is ‘Mangal Dosha’ which some of the modern astrologers do not believe at all because the bad and unwanted happenings (death, divorce, separation, delayed marriage etc.)cam also happen on account of other planets. The well-known benefic Jupiter is also malefic at times. The other important matter for consideration is whether significator husband on in the case of charts of females in MARS or JUPITER.

The known fact in astrology is that the Mars in each horoscope has its say both for maleficience and also beneficence. All solders and heads of Forces (Army, Air force and Navy) cannot be do without the courage of Mars. Be that as it may, it would suffice to say that the sudden, disruptive separative and explosive actions are attributed to Mars. At the same time the Mars is significator of brother, courage energy and ambitions desires. Self confidence in the native comes form Mars apart from the Lagna and its Lord, Barber, Butcher and Surgeon all come under the canopy and of Mars and it is only the Astrologer’s institution and interpretation to come to the desired results. Though the astrology is claimed to be science but for these matters, some term it as science of combinations. However, I treat it as a science. Giving the native sharp wit and strength, Mars is also responsible for interest devotion in occult sciences. Landed and immovable properties are also the bane of Mars and in practical life Mars had been seen to be responsible for accidents, cuts , wounds and as well as surgical operations. The moments some native has trouble of this kind, an astrologer is bound to look for the placement of Mars apart from Rahu/ketu and Saturn.

Mars has rightly been termed as the Universal Lord. It is known to all that the Mars owns two signs in the Zodiac i.e. Aries and Scorpio. Thus it controls the 1/6th of population. This fact is supported by general universal worship of Lord Hanuman-the symbol of Mars. Mars own a three Nakshtras i.e. Mrigsara. Chitra and Dhanishta out of 27/28 Nakshatra. This also enables the Mars to control 1/9th of the population and helps in determination of the dasha in which the native is born. It may be noted that all the three Nakshtras of Mars are of Tamastic Guna (Indolence) and in Nakshatra of Mars are of general native born under these Nakshatra develop tendency of resistance (whether aright or wrong ) and at times leading to avoidable frictions in the family.

The sign Aries ruled Mars has three Nakshatra i.e. “Aswini-4 Bharni-4 and Kritika_1 respectively governed by Ketu, Venus and Sun. Therefore, while interpreting the possible effects of Aries, the effect of these planets cannot be ruled out. The other most important point in to be mentioned is that the this sign is also the exaltation sign of the Sun and deep exaltation is 10-00 degree (Aswini ruled by Ketu ) and that is one of the reasons that the Sun in Aries is considered to be most important factor in giving the native authority including government services or other high position depending on the totality of the horoscope. Because of limited space, I am not discussing the general characteristics of Aries . Those interested in knowing about the Sun in exaltation i.e. in Aries, may ask for my book ‘Aswini’ by writing to Editor, 18/12, W.E.A., Karol Bagh, New Delhi-5.

5. With regard to sex-wise division of Nakshatra owned by Mars, some differences of opinion of Nakshatra owned learned Astrologers. In his book on Nakshatra, Shri K.T. Shubhakaran has categorized ‘Mrigshara’ as Eunch (Napumshka Yoni). Whereas, our preceptor and Modern Father of Astrology Dr. B.V. Raman has referred to Mrigsara as ‘Female’ as in his book on Mahurta ( Electional Astrologyl ). Here comes the need for unification and accordingly I appeal to all to express their views. One more point may be mentioned here that Mrigshara has been classified as ‘Divine’ or Godly where as Chitra and Dhanshita have been termed ‘Demons’ (Rakshas).

6. The other sign owned by Mars in “Scorpio in which Nakshtra (Vishakha-1 Anuradha-4 and jeyshta-4 fall for consideration. Here again the combined effects of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury would need consideration apart from the Moon as this is the sign of debilitation for the Moon. On the other hand Mars is debilitated in Cancer ruled by the Moon and is exalted in the singe Capricorn owned by Saturn. Hence interpretation of horoscope would need the study by the astrologers from various angles.

7. New coming to the significations of MARS, all classics and modern writers have expressed their views with regard to the inherent qualities of Mars. I would briefly refer to few of them. Prasara Hora refers to Army chiefs, Phaladeepka refers to antagonism, Sarvatha Chinlamani says Anger and argumentative. According to modern writer Dr. L. R.Chawdhri, afflicted Mars (weak, debilitated etc,) make the native rough , losing temper and rash and violent. But if inspected by Jupiter, even debilitated Mars may not be malefic to that extent.

8. According to Vedas, Mars stand for strength, red color, burnt things, as a Male, cruel factor, ambitious soldiers and great soldier. It would be apt to refer here to the various names of Mars (Refer Sarvath Chintamani) i.e AAE, Vakra Aaveny Kuja, Bhamma, Kroura, Lahitanga).

9. Practically all astrologers agree that Mars is a Fiery Planet and all sorts of fire including heat and energy (electricity) is attributed to Mars Prasara Hora attributes even the place of fire inclusive of factories where furnace is burnt.

10. Authority is also attributed to Mars. In Uttarakalmrita capacity of ruling over people administrative power is also attributed to Mars. Not only this, Mars also rules sacred palces and religious endowments also come with the domain of Mars. According to Prasara Hora, Mars also rules trees and for other writers Mars become responsible for accidents and wounds. In phaladeepka, qualities of brothers and sisters also get to Mars Phaladeepka also says that thieves are signified by Mars and so is the opinion of Urrarakalmrita. Sarvartha Chintamani says that ‘thin body’ is signified by Mars.

11. Be that as it may, Mars had been named as a Malefic Planet. Different results come to surface with the association of Mars by other planets say of Mercury (trading in liquids ) Jupiter (Mayor, wealthy person), Venus (interested in other women) and Saturn (Untruthful and Miser). All these need more research with some other planet may as more combination of Mars with some other planet modern times not justify any pronouncement by the Astrologer.

Finally the most crucial point for consideration is whether Mars is the signification of Husband in the case of Ladies. Normally, most of the astrologers treat Jupiter as the significator of Husband in the case of females. But the learned astrologer Dr. L.R. Chawdhri in his book ‘Practical Remedial Measures’ has specifically stressed on the point. ‘It is the signification of Husband in female charts and not Jupiter as is analyzed by most astrologers’ But, Shri J.N. Bhasin the learned author of eual eminence, has treated Jupiter was significator of Husband in the case of ladies. (Refer to his book ‘Art of Predictions). He has stated that in birth charts belonging to ladies, Jupitor should be taken as the husband and its role decided accordingly. All the astrologers and lovers of astrology should give their opinions. The Editor is available for discussions astro research work.

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