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Face: Responsible for Love at First Sight

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Face is the index of the person concerned and why you are attracted towards some-body at a party because of planetary rays-solar rays and rays of other planets specially Venus. It is known to all of you that sometime the moment you see somebody you are attracted towards the other.

You may meet some one at a party, social gathering, temple/church even when with family members, sometimes even for your business contacts, you are meeting the other for the first time but this first acquaintance develops into life-link wedlock or friendship, why? The face and attractive features become responsible. Not only that when in response to an advertisement you receive the response and get associated after an appointment either by way of letter or by Face. Here also comes the role of ‘hand-writing’. At times the ‘hand-writing’ also becomes responsible and the matter written get you attracted to the other.

At the first sight (face becomes more prominent) you like the other person the way he looks, talks, walks, dresses, dances etc. This attraction also falls under the ambit of ‘sex appeal’, immediately; the internal ‘whisper’ comes to say ‘a nice guy’.

Unexpressed but feeling of ‘chemistry (infatuation and sexuality) develops and you feel and take step to meet again and this is ‘beginning’ of lasting friendship-may be later converted into any relationship of spouse or partner or just as a friend. At the same time emotional feeling you have experienced may not last long and once ‘blinder’ are taken off, you recover the true behavior of the other. Actually, on this stage, a real thing comes up to sustain the relationship or break the same.

Love marriages (love at first sight or developed with the passage of time) have also been seen to result in divorces, separation and litigation, Why? Because the foundation of the relationship was ‘FACE’ and emotional feeling. As in the normal case of marriage, if you are lucky then the partner turns out to be kind, generous, social and sympathetic i.e. look to the wishes of the other person (adjusting to the behavior). On the other hand, your partner may turn out to be stingy; miser, indifferent and the love based on ‘emotional feeling’ may fade out with the passage of time. Determining about the personality and behavior of the person is practically impossible on first meeting or so and it may take months to know each other well and in some cases much damage had already been done.

To avoid all these pitfalls, what is the answer? Astrology, the divine science and soul of All and secondly ‘Hand-writing’ of the person concerned. During the initial meetings of acquaintance, get the date/time of birth etc. and also samples of hand-writing (writing of love-letters or intimation/message slips are found to be common). Consult the Astrologer and/or Hand-writing Expert and after knowing about the person, it may increase chances of success in romance or you may be inclined to break the relationships forthwith if you are not finding the person to your expectation. Apparently, this is most inexpensive, quick and accurate method of knowing the other person.

Hand-writing should not be taken to be substitute for Astrology. The future can only be told through astrology, accordingly contact a person knowing both astrology and have knowledge about hand writing. Ideal analysis of a potential partner’s writing should be got done before things go ‘serious’. Address all your problems regarding marriage, love romance, specially the delay in marriages too.

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