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Gautam Gambhir’s rise – the astrological facts

by Dr. Shanker Adawal(Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

In my article on Virender Sehwag, in the April 2008 issue, I emphasized the importance of 3rd and 6th lords, the lords of courage and competition, in case of sports persons. These should be well supported by the Bhaysdhipati 9th, Karmadhipati 10th and 11th of gains.

The raise to fame of Crickter Gautam Gambhir is yet another pointer which proves this.

Please note I follow the 360 days per year Dasa calculations as give in the Vedic astrology scriptures.

From 09-6-2000 to 09-5-2006 Gautam Gambhir was going through his Sun Mahadasa. Sun is his 3rd lord, placed in the 4th house along with his 9th lord Saturn and 10th lord Jupiter, forming a powerful Rajayoga. Sun catapulted him to fame and recognition. It becomes more auspicious as it is Vargottama. However Sun in the 4th house also causes fluctuating fortunes and till the end of Sun Mahadasa on 9-5-06, Gautam went through quite a few ups and downs and was in and out of the Indian squad.

In 2000, as soon as his 3rd lord Sun’s mahadasa started, Gautam Gambhir's attacking stroke play for Delhi made people take note of him as a future Indian prospect. After several good knocks, his success took him close to the Indian side when Zimbabwe toured early in 2002. He scored successive double centuries ­ one for Delhi and another for the Board Presidents' XI against the tourists and seemed to be a certainity as Shiv Sunder Das's opening partner. But the selectors persisted instead with the old solution of Deep Dasgupta.

Gambhir went on pressing his case with good knocks in the West Indies with the Indian A side early in 2003. When several senior players asked to be rested after the World Cup, Gambhir was selected for the national squad for the TVS Cup in Dhaka. And then, the biggest reward: a call-up into India's Test squad for the fourth Test against Australia at Mumbai, in 2004-05. He failed to cement his spot in either Test or ODI team.

Soon after his Moon dasa started, his luck changed as Moon is placed in his 11th house of gains. Gambhir was selected for the One Day International on India's 2007 tour of Bangladesh. Gambhir scored century on that tour on May 12th 2007 and was subsequently selected for the One Day International on India's tour to Ireland in 2007. He scored an unbeaten 80 on 23rd June 2007 against Ireland in the first game of that tour and was awarded the man of the match award for that effort.

Gambhir was selected in India's squad for the 2007 ICC World Twenty20, from September 11 to September 24, 2007. That was during his Moon/Mars period and Mara is his 6th lord well placed in the 3rd house. It was a period of crowning glory for him. Gambhir performed very well in the shortest form of the game, ending the tournament as India's top run scorer, with 227 at an average of 37.83, including three half-centuries which included a crucial 75 runs off 54 balls against Pakistan in the final.

In the 2007-08 CB Series in March 2008 , during Moon/Rahu period also he scored a career-best 113 off 119 balls against Australia. He finished the CB series as the leading run-scorer with 440 runs.

Even during the current IPL tournament, he has already given a very good performance in the 1st match and will continue to do wee as his rahu is well placed in his chart – both in lagna and Navamansa.

Shanker Adawal

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