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Astrological principles in Business

by Dr. Shanker Adawal(Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Corporate astrology is the application of astrological principles to Corporate Houses, firms, industries, institution, organizations etc. Due to planetary forces, certain companies prosper while others fail miserably. In order to implement measures to ensure the company’s prosperity, the future prosperity, the future prospects of the company have to be studied in detail. For this purpose, the date of incorporation or commencement of business, the birth details of the Managing Director and one other key person – probably the executive director are essential. It is not possible to discuss in detail about all the corporate astrological principles. The various commodities and companies governed by the various planets and Nakshtra have been mentioned in this article.

The Sun Sign: LEO
Nakshatras: krittika, Uttaraphalguni, Uttarshada Commodities represented: Gold, Ruby, Pearls (pearls are governed by Moon also), Government’s financial schemes, banking business, and financial institutions. In association with Mars, it governs all electrical and electronic goods manufactured – Sun also governs optical/spectacles/glass business, Jewellery/Ornaments, Copper, Metals, Steel. Though mainly attributed to Saturn and Mars - timber works, forest department, trees with thorns land and social/personal relations (public relations department of companies) comes under the surveillance of the Sun. The Sun also governs blood red cloth, shores of a river, red sandal paste, saffron, thick or course yarn etc.

Persons ruled by Sun: Leo born person (23rd July to 23rd August) of those whose birth number is 1, 10, 19 and 28 are aristocratic and live in royalty. Though they earn from speculation, they act as investors and not as brokers. They can draw benefits from the above mentioned commodities or companies dealing in them.

Commodities represented by Nakshtras

Kritika - Sesame, oil seeds, barley dry fruits etc.

Uttaraphalguni - Garlic, sunflower, green/red gram and also black gram (some attribute to Saturn,) and urad.

Uttarashada – Lamps, bulbs, furnances, petro-chemicals, swords, blades and also electronics.
Companies governed: Ashok Leyland, premier Padmini, Maruti udyog, Tata Iron and steel, mukund steel etc.
General predictions: Cotton market is expected to flare up when the Sun and Mars join in a Nakshatra. This is a principle to be watched and applied. Connected to corporate astrology, a mention to the recent solar eclipse on 24th October, 1995 is inevitable. It had an impact of increasing the cost of ghee, edible oils, oil seeds, wheat, food grains, apples, carpets, tomatoes etc.

The Moon Sign: Cancer
Nakshatras: Rohini, Hastha, Sravana

Commodities represented:
Shipping, exports, alcohols, aerated water, cold drinks (rather than all liquids), salts, silver jewellery, aluminium products, boat clubs, swimming pools. Snow, powdered products, mild perfumes, marine products, conch, coconuts, stout sugarcane, water tanks, whiteness and white things, fishing and fish industry, honey, umbrella (Rahu also governs umbrella), refined clothes etc.

Persons ruled by Moon: Cancerians (22nd June to 23 July) or those born on 2, 11 or 29 will gain from the above mentioned commodities or companies dealing in them. They are cautiously enterprising people and benefit from long term investments only. Intuition is God’s gift to them and they profit from such intuition and impulsive trading. They are acquainted with highly influential VIPs. Some times, they earn more if they do business in the names of other persons. They are well-informed about the latest market conditions. They earn their fortune from exports or through over-sea connections.

Commodities represented by Nakshatra:

Rohini – Banana, Lemon, sour fruits, food grains.

Hastha – Perfume, camphor, scents, sandal, rubber handgloves.

Saravana - Curd, buttermilk, milk, holy water (say, of river anges), betelnuts, chemicals, medicines, cast iron, lead etc.

General Predictions: Up swing and down swing in the market and daily fluctuation in the share market are governed by Moon and Mercury supported by the benefic or malefic influence of Jupiter – the Significator of plenty and prosperity as well as responsible for slump and depreciation.

MARS Sign: Aries and Scorpio
Nakshatras : Mrigasirs, Chitra, Dhanishta Commodities represented:

Iron, Steel, electricity (all electrical, electronic products), furnace, burning gas, tobacco, cigarette, petrochemicals, metals, copper, cement, (though also under Saturn), stones/tiles/marbles, dynamites, explosives, bombs and missiles, radiators, welding machines, and connected activities, carpentry (wooden work), detergents, plastic processing.

Persons ruled by Mars: Aries born i.e. between 21st March to 20th April and Scorpio born i.e. 24th October to 22nd November stand to gain from the above commodities and companies dealing in them. Similarly persons born on 9, 18, and 27 also benefit. However it is found that Ariens are hasty while Scorpions are sturdy. Ariens are not dynamic enough to take more risks. Scorpions are mature, patient and gain from longterm investments:

Commodities represented by Nakshatras:
Mrigasira – Teeth, horny animals, stag skins arms for hunting, bow and arrows, guns, spears.

Chitra – precious and semi-precious metals, luxury articles, auto accessories vehicles, shops/cinemas, textile industries, safe vaults.

Companies governed: Bharat Petroleum, Indian aluminium, Cochin Refinery, Gujarat Fertilizers, India cement, alembic chemicals.

General Predictions: Ariens stand to gain during transit of Jupiter over Sagittarius. They were advised to unload their unwanted shares before 16.2.96 i.e. before Saturn enters Pisces.

Mercury Sign: Gemini, Virgo
Nakshatras: Aslesha, Jyeshta, revathi Commodities represented:

Silver, pearls (pearls come under Sun and Moon too), emeralds, vegetables, horse trading (race course), construction of palaces, vedanta system of philosophy, doctors/medical practitioners, theatre for dances and laughing (jokes), mixtues of various substances, compounds, birds and trading in birds, gardens/nurseries.

Persons ruled by Mercury:

Persons born between 22nd May to 21st June (Gemini) and 24th August and 23rd September (Virgo) gain from the above fields. Persons born on 5,14, 23, also benefit. They are a class of pure intellectuals like business magnets, chartered accountants brokers, finance, money lenders etc. Most of these persons benefit from the share market. Gemini, though double minded, are great entrepreneurs. Virgo persons are wise investors, business counselors, business administrators. They also gain from financing, leasing, insurance, computer machines, pharmaceutical toy industry transport and communication, brokerage, clubs/casinos, gambling, publications, printing etc.

Commodities represented by Nakshatras:

Ashlesha – pure silver, mercury (quick silver), sugar candy, green grass, juicy vegetables, water animals i.e. water snakes, crabs.

Jyeshta – inflammable oils, chemicals, googal.

Revathi – coconuts, betel, dispensary, films and film actors, books, library, schools.

Companies governed by Mercury: Leasing and Financing companies, Bank, Mutual schemes, Zenith Computers, Vam Organic, Sandoz Pharma, Tata Chemicals etc.

Jupiter Signs:
Sagittarius, Pisces

Nakshtas: Punarvasu, Visakha, Poorvabhadrapada.

Commodities represented : share Market, Zink, tin, topaz, paper, chocolates, stationery, printing, book shop, newspapers, banking/financing trusts and other charitable institutions, hospitals, aluminium, gold, capital estate, educational institutions i.e. school and colleges, public service, cows, tradesmen, throne (seat of MD/Chairman of a Company), soft and pleasant stones.

Persons ruled by Jupiter: Persons born between 23rd November to 21st December (Sagittarius), and persons born between 20th February to 20th March (Pisces) and persons born on 3, 12, 21, can prosper from long term investments and long-term financial schemes. Pisceans should be careful because rich dividends may not come on account of Saturn. Sagittarian can reap good income as Rahu can bring unexpected results too.

Commodities represented by Nakshatras:

Punarvasu – gold, silver, jowar, grains and juices.

Visakha – gold, silk, velvet cloth, books, pens stationery, TV’s dancers.

Poorvabhandrapada – gold, skin of trees, medicines. Sweets, ghee, coins, wine, inns, hotels etc.

Companies governed by Jupiter: Paper and pulp industry, tree processing. Tata tea, Raymond woolen, companies dealing in edible oils. i.e. amrit Vanaspathi, companies dealing in food processing i.e. godrej foods etc.

General Predictions: If Jupiter aspects the Sun immediately on its entry into another sign, the slump in the cotton and oil seeds market cannot be ruled out. There is over recession whenever Saturn is in opposition with Jupiter. Thursday ruled by Jupiter is also eventful. There will be a general fall in share and commodity market when there are 5 Thursdays in the Indian Month.

Venus Signs: Taurus and Libra
Nakshatras: Bharani, Poorvaphalguni, Poorvashada

Commodities represented: Copper, Silk, Cosmetics, high-class cloth, silk, soaps/beauty parlours, all types of decorations, foods and hotels, canned goods, real and imitation jewellery, film industry, photography, music, fancy items, fashion items, diamonds, and pleasant musical instruments.

Persons governed by Venus: Taurus (21st April to 21st May) Librans (24th September to 23rd October and those born on 6, 15 and 24 would gain from the above fields. Librans are more enterprising and commercial minded. Taureans are security minded. They get easy money sometimes without much efforts. Librans have to work hard. Taureans earn from long term investment.

Comodities represented by Nakshatras: Bharani – Chillies, Medicine, Hair oil.

Poorvaphalguni – Wood, shining silks, jowar, silver, gold, royal clothes.

Poorvashada – Sandal, gold diamonds, rose water, perfumes, ice, ghee etc.

Companies governed by Venus: Companies engaged in fine textiles like Bombay Rayon, Bhilwara Suitings, Gwalior Rayon etc. and Vedeocon, Cosmo-films. Hotel companies, Colgate Palmolive etc.

General Predictions: Taureans are warned about their earnings from share with effect from 17.4.1998 when Saturn entered Aries. Advised they must dispose their unwanted shares before that date. Librans would be lucky but are advised not to be over-speculative. Persons born on 6, 15, 24 of any month must avoid jumping to conclusion. With the entry of venus into Sagittaius, the cotton market is expected to fall within 24 hours.

Saturn Signs: Capricorn and Aquarius

Nakshatras: Pushya, Anuradha, Uttarabhadrapada

Commodities represented: Coal mines, lead, chemicals, Steel Plants, Iron compressors, Pumps, Machines, Timber Woods, Brick, Cement, Land, Hardware Items, Automobile accessories, tiles, marbles and oil.

Persons governed by Saturn: Capricorn (22nd December to 20th Jan.), Aquarius (21st Jan. to 19th February and also those born on 8. 17 or 26 of any month gain from the above fields. Capricornians are basically hard - working and need security in life. Aquarians are fast. Speculative end in enormous losses at times. Trading in Shares and risky market deals should be avoided by these persons, especially those born on 8, 17, 26 of any month. Only long-term investments are helpful. They are amply rewarded by undertaking slow moving projects.

Commodities represented by Nakshatras: Pushya – ghee, gold, turmeric, rice, salt, butter, banana.

Anuradha – Foods, rise, grains, jowar, coconut, groundnuts, chemicals especially those connected with earth.

Uttarabhadra – Drugs, strong wines. Vicious drinks, tobacco, stones, boots, leather, sugarcane etc.

Comoanies governed by Saturn: Tata Steel etc., Bajaj Electricals, Zenith, Escorts Tracotrs, kinetic Honda, Metral Box Rathi Ispat etc.

General Predictions: Solar ingress on Saturdays results in good rise in cotton and oil seeds market. Similarly, Saturn with Mars aspecting the Sun may flare up the markets.

Note: Rahu and Ketu have not been discussed here. However their effects have to be deduced from their placement, association, etc. Keeping in mind the proverb – Shani Vat Rahu Kuja vat ketu i.e. Rahu is Saturn and ketu is mars.
Shanker Adawal

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