Jupiter’s effects in Astrological Houses - II

by Dr. Shanker Adawal(Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Jupiter in the Third House

If Jupiter is in third house, the native will be very miser and there will be a good number of brothers. The native will be very clever and determined. He will forsake his relations and will have travels in his 38th year. If the lord of the 3rd is strong the brothers will be longlived. If the lord of the 3rd is associated with a malefic there will be loss of brothers and the native will be impatient by nature, an idiot and poor.

The logical reasons -The effects given above are quite logical and relevant to the significations of the 3rd house. Jupiter as a natural benefic gives good results unless he is afflicted. Jupiter from the 3rd aspects the seventh, ninth and eleventh houses, thus giving a happy married life to the native and also financial gains.

Jupiter in the Fourth House

If Jupiter is in the 4th house, the native will be happy, wise, of good conduct and highly intelligent. He will also be a land-lord and will have abundance of milk. If the lord. of the 4th house is strong 01. is associated with Venus or Moon or is in benefic vargas the native will have conveyances pulled by human beings. He will own many lands, horses and a spacious house. If Jupiter is aspected by or associated with a malefic, the native will be without any land or conveyance, he will have to live in other people’s houses and will suffer loss of mother and have bitterness with relations.

The logical reasons -The effects given are very logical and relevant to the significations of the 4th house. Jupiter will give still better results if he is in his own sign (Sagittarius or Pisces) or in his sign of exaltation (Cancer). When he is in Sagittarius, the ascendant will be Virgo and Jupiter will be in 4th as lord of 4th and 7th. If Jupiter is in Pisces, the ascendant will be Sagittarius. Jupiter will be in 4th as lord of ascendant and the 4th. If Jupiter is in Cancer, the ascendant will be Aries, he will be lord of the 9th exalted in the 4th. The association of Jupiter with Moon in the 4th, will give rise to a very beneficial yoga known as Gajakesari yoga the effects of which are :-
”Many relations, polite and generous, builder of villages and towns or magistrate over them, will have a lasting reputation even long after death.” Jupiter in the 4th will be in kendra to ascendant. His disposition in Sagittarius, Pisces or Cancer will give rise to Hamsa yoga.

Jupiter in the Fifth House

If Jupiter is in the fifth house, the native will be highly intelligent, will have broad eyes, will be a good conversationalist, full of glory, will feed others, love family and in his 18th year become commander of the army by the favour of the king. He will also have a good number of children who will be prosperous. If the lord of the 5th is strong and at the same time in the house of a malefic or his enemy or he is in his sign of debilitation, there will be loss of children or the native will have only one issue. He will be rich but will suffer loss of wealth on account of penalties imposed by the king (Government). If Jupiter is associated with Rahu or Ketu, the native will suffer loss of his children on account of the wrath of Serpent God but this will not happen if Jupiter is aspected by a benefic.

The logical reasons - Effects given are logical and relevant to the significations of Jupiter and the fifth house. It is said that in his 18th year, the native will obtain the position of a commander in the army by the favour of the king. This may be taken to mean that the native will be appointed to a respectable governmental post early in his life.

A few bad effects will be there as Jupiter being the Karaka of the 5th house causes Karako Bhava nasya. Bad effects will not be there if there is aspect of a benefic on Jupiter. If Jupiter is in his own sign Sagittarious the ascendant will be Leo and he will be lord of 5th in 5th (there will be very little evil effect of his being lord of 8th also). If Jupiter is in Pisces, the ascendant will be Scorpio and he will be in the 5th as lord of 2nd and 5th. If Jupiter is in Cancer (his sign of exaltation), the ascendant will be Pisces, and he will be in 5th as exalted lord of the ascendant and the 10th. These are very powerful and beneficial dispositions and will greatly improve the good effects of Jupiter in the fifth house.

Jupiter in the Sixth House

The native will destroy his enemies, there will be growth of the members of his family, he will have grand-children and marks of wounds on the body. If Jupiter is in conjunction with a benefic the native will be free from diseases. If he is associated with a malefic or is in the house of malefic, the native will suffer form rheumatism or diseases due to cold. If Jupiter is in the sign of Saturn (Capricorn or Aquarius) in association with Rahu or Ketu the native will suffer from diseases of the worst type.

The logical reasons – As 6th is the house of ones enemies, Jupiter will help one destroy them. As a natural benefic will give good effects in regard to the significations of the sixth house unless he is afflicted. This sixth house is 5th from the 2nd which is ones house of family hence a large family. The sixth house is an evil house (dusthana) and if Jupiter is there as a lord of an auspicious house, the significations of that house will be adversely affected. cont... back..

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