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Very Poor Sex Life can cause of wrong VASTU at Home!

Institution of marriage is based on sex life in the initial years of marriage. Sex is the foundation of your successful marriage life. Many of us still talk in hushed tones on this subject but sex is the main pillar compatibilities and understanding of married partners after love and affection.
Issues in married life contribute to wedded satisfaction in addition to sex are age when married, physical attraction, compatibility and interests etc. But why do few of us well-matched married couples experiencing in their poor sex lives? The anonymous reason lies otherwise than in the mind which is where the VASTU science fit in this scenario.
It is true that VASTU science does not have anything elite on enhancing someone’s sex life but it does endow with some concealed environment to make your life best in bed. So, let us find the ways by exploring VASTU science to make our environment conducive for having acceptable and enjoyable sex life.  
Your bedroom and Sex life
Your bedroom is the most significant place in your everyday life. Its location in your house does influence your healthy sex life. Here are some important VASTU tips to improve your successful marriage life with full of satisfaction.
1.    South or south-west locations of your bedroom give stability in relationship, physical attraction towards each other and occupants always remain cool and in affection.
2.    South-east is the direction where VASTU associate it with fire which brings burning desires and instant sexual fulfillment. This direction also indicates an active and quick attraction sex life. Slightly negative aspect of this direction is that it makes you short tempered, leading to frequent arguments with each other during longer stay in this room. So, if there is no choice but to keep this room is to be your bedroom then be cautious and follow below mentioned rules.
a)    Don’t stay there for longer other then sleep or in love mood.
b)    Never discuss important family matters while in this room.
c)    Avoid very bright light and TV in this room. Fix cool low voltage soothing light in this room.
d)    Try to be keep busy by playing some game if not in a mood to be in love or sleepy.
e)    Put some good wall hangings of beautiful couple in affectionate and warm situation.
3.    North direction is the best suited to newly married couples. Sex life in this direction is not only satisfying but also long-lasting and enjoyable. Be careful about the placement of your bed. The head-board of your bed must not tip to the North side.
4.    North-west bedroom direction is the extremely good for newly married couples. They can enjoy good sex as the wind governs this direction and provides sexual energy during steamy seasons. Again this direction is not the best one to keep for your bedroom for longer period.
5.    West direction is the most luxuriant, productive and is a supportive tool for a satisfying love life. As per VASTU science there are more possibilities of girl child than a boy child being born.
Note: If your bedroom is not in any of above mentioned directions, not to worry. There are remedies to make your existing bedroom into satisfactory sex life corner of your home.


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