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The Political factor - Political Personalities and who had a say in shaping the Country?

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

It is known to all that Nehru Dynasty had a lot of things to their input in shaping the fate of country. Be that as it may, horoscopes of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru and of Smt. Indra Gandhi are being included in this issue as both were born in the month of November.

In addition, horoscope of Shri Arjun Singh, -once upon a time aspirant to become Prime Minister, at present Union minister in the Government of Dr. Manmohan Singh has also been included as he was also born in November.

Now look for detailed version of the Horoscopes to be a good precedent for lovers of astrology and how Yogas present helped them


The native was one of the most important architects of India and as such his horoscope has been included in this issue and the birth details have been taken from the published material. The native was born when Cancer Lagna was rising and had Moon in Lagna. The native with such horoscopes are bound to rise though ups and downs cannot be ruled out including on account of Kal-Sarpa Yoga. However, the native had the kingly yoga. However, the native had the kind of yogas. Moon in own sign, Venus in own sign, and Jupiter in own sign with Sun in Scorpio which itself is sufficient to make the native to get to the highest desired position in life.

Apart from Malavya Yoga (see page 64 of Phaladeepka) and also cancelled Sakta yoga (see page 70 of Phaladeepka), the lagna / and Lagna Lord is hemmed by two malefics i.e. Saturn and Rahu but there is no other aspect - malefic or benefic on Lagna and Lagna Lord- therefore the Moon in Lagna itself was sufficient coupled with other beneficial planetary position to make the native Prime Minister of India.

The Moon in Lagna-own sign is not aspected by any planet- malefic or benefic -thus making the horoscope quite strong. This is another example where the Sun is in Scorpio, though after many odds made the native unforgettable Prime Minister of India. Cancer Lagna normally rules the sub-consciousness of a person and in this case the Moon -controller of Mind happened to be in Lagan- making the native to think more about the people - rather(taking the responsibility of the whole race. The native was known for his intelligence including his book “Discovery of India”.

Though not connected with national events but equally important astrologically is the fact that the Putrakaraka Jupiter is afflicted by Rahu and Ketu and Mars- the 5th is a malefic sign and is occupied by malefic planet (though there is an opinion that a male planet in 5th house gives son) and thus may be the reason for the native to have only one daughter. In Navamsha, the 5th from the Moon is also highly afflicted.

The natives’ Sun gave rise to Obhayachari Yoga i.e the Sun being hemmed by benefics. This gave the native popularity _complex phenomenon itself. Actually, in astrology, Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars aspecting the 10th house were responsible for making the native an idol of India till today and even after his death.

Lords of 5th and 6th houses in mutual kendras constitute Sankha yoga contributing to his human sympathies, his wide culture and his internationalism. Further, Venus in Kendra identical with Swakshetra had given rise to Malavya Yoga- one of the great 5 combinations. Be that as it may, every body first is a human being to undergo hardships. The Moon in the case of the native was hemmed by malefics giving rise to Papakartari yoga making the native at times lonely and depressed.

This horoscope belongs to the well-known native who had a big hand in shaping the country in various ways. Birth details taken from published Material and for Lagna reliance is placed on the Book 'Planets and children' by Shri K.N. Rao though Leo Lagna had been taken in Astrological Magazine (Jan.1995) and the Babaji (Jan.96). Though we all are capable of committing some mistake but the mistake with regard to Lagna need to be avoided as the interpretations have to be wrong and the persons in general having interest in astrology would be misguided.

Though ruled as Prime Minister of India but even then she had to undergo the sufferings on account of planetary position Saturn in Lagna aspecting 3rd house, 7th house and 10th house. Budh-aditya yoga in 5th house and exchange of Mars and the Sun provide the needed platform to reach at the top. Even the Sun in Scorpio was sufficient for the high post supported by aspect of Jupiter.

With Saturn in Cancer ruled by the Moon and the Moon in Capricorn ruled by Saturn (an other exchange) the native was a complex person and even after her assassination on 31st October, 1984, the complexities of the turbulent years when she ruled the country continue to be subject of arguments today. Be that as it may Saturn in Lagna (democrate) Mars in 2nd house (10th Lord) made her dictator. Therefore she was both democrat and dictator and deeply nationalistic.

Long back this horoscope had been discussed practically in all the astrological journals on account of interest of the native in astrology and occult sciences. However, we are basing this write-up on published date of birth as we have no personal contact.

The native is Aswini Born but the Moon becomes under the influence of Rahu-Ketu. Jupiter in Lagna is considered beneficial but losses strength being in the last degrees and aspected by Saturn-though Jupiter was getting to its exaltation sign.

For Gemini Lagna persons, Mars, Jupiter and the Sun are malefics and therefore irrespective of the ambition to become Prime Minister of India, the native could not achieve the coveted position,. Venus is the only auspicious planet but gets to 6th house and being Retrograde gets also to 5th house for giving effects and would be under the influence of Rahu-Ketu and aspected by Mars.
At present the native is Union Minister in Dr. Manmohan Singh Govt. Further important events need to be mentioned are :

Arjun Singh had enjoyed the best political period from 1975 to 1993 -Maha-dasha of Rahu.

All sorts of troubles started in Jupiter-Jupiter (from October,1993) though the Jupiter is in Lagna but it did shed its malefic influence being a functional malefic. Here again comes the role of STARS and none is spared by the planetary position.

As the planetary position improved, Arjun Singh was discharged in Hawala case- Mr. V.B. Gupta in his 100 page order said-"I hold that there is no legal evidence against Madhav Rao Scindia, Arjun Singh, N.D. Tiwari and R.K. Dhawan regarding the alleged payment made to them by Jains as mentioned in their various charge-sheets (See Hindustan Times dt. 29th May,1997 (Lagna Lord Mercury in 11th house, 8th Lord Mars in the 3rd house and Jupiter in 8th with Saturn in 10th were in transit with reference to natal Lagna)

Better Times ahead

Be that as it may, presence of a fine Raj-yoga (normally found in the horoscopes of Prime Ministers, Presidents) would give a highly successful life inspite of several odds and obstacles. In the chart of the native, 10th lord Jupiter and 9th lord Saturn are well placed in the 1st and 7th houses mutually aspecting each other and generate fine Dharma Karmadhipati Rai yoga. Extra-ordinary good luck is promised to the native.

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