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Mithuna- Mithuan lagna or when chandra is in mithuna in the birth chart

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotshaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Mithuna lagna natives are tall and upright and have a straight body, the hands being long. Complexion is moderate fair or dark. The eyes look sharp and active, nose is long.

Mithuna is an airy sign so persons with this lagna live mostly in the mind. They are carefree and joyous. Their minds are positive and strong. They are versatile, restless and like changes very often-ever if they don’t like they still get changes.

Buddha is the lord of this sign. So one is inclined to be a good reader and is fond of willing. Mithuna langna has the capacity to adopt himself to any circumstances.

Mithuna is a dual or common sign. This makes the natives of this lagna travel frequently. They are of two minds always and are, therefore not able to take decisions quickly, because of the dual nature of the sign the natives are able to follow more than one occupation at a time. Their faults are mainly because of the duality in their nature which gives them fickle mindedness and inability to finish their work. In spite of these faults they have intellectual qualities. They can understand, analyse and quickly grasp things. They have good retentive power and reproduction ability.

They are curious to know new things. They can become good detectives, research scholars, editors, journalists, commercial, travelers, accountants, lecturers, solicitors, professors, business men, secretaries, personal assistants, brokers, mathematicians, advertisers; however persons of this lagna do well when they work under somebody. They are not successful when they are the bosses.

They are good husbands, but they might become intolerable if their married partners come in their way for love of variety and change.

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