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Know your Wife via Numerology

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotshaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Anxiety to know each other through occult sciences is gaining momentum in the modern times though all these sciences, astrology, palmistry, numerology etc. existed in olden times also. Life continues to be a mystery and nobody knows its origin and end and the leading questions 'what you are and from where' you have come' continue to be an unanswered though many theories have come to stay. Be that as it may, this write-up is exclusively on knowing your wife from date of birth. It may be mentioned that the traits of each date are different and you must not form any opinion about your wife merely on the basis of these general characteristics of the number.

The whole world exists on numbers and all facets of life of an individual or a nation or company or of any organisation can be converted into numbers and thus one can know about the beneficial and auspicious number for a particular person. Normally, persons born with repetition of a particular number are more lucky. For example, persons born on 1.11.1911 would be more lucky as compared to persons born on other dates. This is also for the reasons that number is repeated at times though normally such repetition would be only for 3-4 times. Further, number 1 is represented by the planet Sun-source of all energy. Without dwelling on various aspects of numerology, it would, be apt to say that the whole science of numerology is founded on the digits 1 to 9 as all the names etc. shall get ultimately converted into these basic numbers.

Every dayhas its auspicious and inauspicious moments. Without discussing the claim of numerology as a science, it is stated that the experience has shown that life conditions can be improved by the inter-play of particular number selected with reference to one's lucky number and that number becomes auspicious for the native in all matters of life. This is practically a good Mahurta in astrology. Finally, I would say that most of our ambitions can be realised and many failures and misfortunes can be averted if actions of the native are suited to the association of certain numbers. Indian philosophers and sages had made significant contributions to numerology and practically we have , birth number, spiritual number, name number and year number. The following characteristics of your wife are only with reference to birth number:

No.1 wife (born on 1st , 10th, 19th and 28th is a fine partner, intelligent, adaptable and talented but in few cases they may have much ego and for that husband must adjust. Her interests are wide and she does like to watch the where-abouts of her husband: Aristocrat by temperament and has the capacity to attract others. She has love for beauty and nature and would like to get to some holiday resorts. If born in February, on these dates she would prove to be remarkably adaptable to family and would be devoted, kind and sympathetic house wife. By and large such ladies are lovable, have their grace, dignity and social status. No body should hurt the feelings of these ladies.

No.2 Wife (born on 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th), subject to modifications given by the stars and month of birth, such ladies are found to be affectionate, devoted and sympathetic. Such a wife is satisfied with anything provided by her husband. Briefly, she is a fine companion; capable, adaptable but at times moody, changeable and sensitive in given circumstances. She has a good sense of decorating the house though if born in March would be a lazy lady and would while away her time in idle pursuits. Some of such ladies have been found to have interest at home as well as outside i.e. earning with house-hold- affairs. Husbands should honour their emotions and must not misuse their simplicity and honesty.

No.3 Wife (born on 3rd; 12th, 21st and 30th)- Number 3 is governed by the benefic planet Jupiter: She is the best companion. She should not be taken as an intruder. She is capable of taking deep interest in the business/professional activities of her husband. Efficient in house-keeping and has a balanced outlook towards all, specially children. Her love is full of passions, joy and highly refined and inspiring. Some of such ladies get to social life and get to busy schedule and at times. at the cost of their family life. She likes tidiness and wants to command. Doctor/ lawyer/teacher/wife is found on such date. She is practical type and wants returns for the services rendered even 'thanks' from her husband.

No. 4 Wife (born on 4th, 22nd and 31st)- Number 4 persons have more ups and downs in their lives. Revolutionary but disappointed. Some consider this number as negative part of Number 1. Number 4 wife is smart and attractive. She knows how to dress herself and has strong will power but some of them, depending ,on their birth chart, have been found to be nervous and timid and some of such ladies are dictatorial and moody. Thus the husband needs to adjust. She likes interior decoration but has no capacity to work hard. Such disappointed ladies find some shelter among the friends.

No. 5 Wife (born on ,5th, 14th and 23rd In general, number 5 persons are shrewd/business minded but quick and follow scientific pursuits, industry/ marketing etc. Receptionist wife may be born on this date having an interest at home as well as outside. She is capable of managing many activities at a time. She likes tidiness but seldom does her own work and wants to get it done from others. Some of such 'ladies turn out to be 'independent'- 'no interference from husband even. It would depend on this lady as to how she wants to make her married life attractive and happy.

No. 6 Wife (born on 6th, 15th and 24th) Number 6 is governed by the planet Venus known for love, beauty and romance. Among number 6 wives it is seen that such ladies shall not resort to divorce/separation and prefer to suffer extreme hardships. She can be termed a devoted mother and a loving wife. She is intelligent, good host, adaptable and talented. Her house can be termed as a social centre on account of her social and friendly manners. She would like suffer herself than to create a situation which " would make others hurt and feel unhappy.

No. 7 Wife (born on 7th, 16th and 25th) the Number 7 is governed by Neptune and some of the qualities of number 2 (the Moon) come in this number. She would be fond of sea and visit to foreign countries, a ambitions and would be interested in pomp and show. Most of such ladies are moody and behaviour would be unpredictable. Husband must take care in all matters as she would be uneasy and disturbed on small matters. Few of such ladies are found inviting friends (not relatives) for tea party/dinner etc. She would expect husband to look after her all the time and few of such wives feign illness and others would show 'look busy and do nothing' specially when their husbands are at home.

No.8 Wife (born on 8th, 17th and 26th) Saturn is the ruler of number 8 persons and as a wife it is seen that such ladies are hard working and active in participation in their husband's business etc. Such ladies want luxurious life and desires b have houses of their own may separate from in laws after marriage or kitchen may be separated. She is systematic, fond of interior decoration and few of such ladies have masculine body. She enjoys her family life if husband does not disturb her plans. Some of such ladies are found to lack the needed warmth and delicacy.

No.9 Wife (born on 9th, ,18th and 27th) Mars being the ruler indicate aggressive attitude, resistance, courage, dashing and stubborn and few are quick. No. 9 wife would be wonderful wife specially for an ambitious man including in military/police/ navy/air force etc. She will assist her husband in all aspects. She may also be working lady and adding to the family's income. She will be happy if married to a passionate and possessive man. Be that as it may, some type of marital pitfals cannot be ruled out. The only way for the husband to have marital bliss is to recite Hunuman Chalisa or consult the Astrologer.

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