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Know about Business and professional trends for the month of November 2007

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotshaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Planetary Position

Lagna Lord Mars gets to 3re House and is aspected by Pluto and Rahu. Sun is in 7th House (debilitated) and sun would shift to 8th House on 17th November (Saturday). Mercury practically remains stationary for 4 days (up to 4.11.07) Venus and Saturn are in 5th House in the grip of Rahu/Ketu- Uranus also aspects 5th House. Jupiter is in 8th House and should shift to 9th House (own sign Sagittarius) on 22.11.2007. Pluto I sin 9th House and Neptune is in 10th House.

Trends in various aspects of Business etc.

1. Some decision with regard to Bank Home loans may be taken may not be beneficial for borrowers and at the same time some uniform policies may be evolved for home loans all over the country subject to certain special areas which may need development and incentives.

2. Sharp increase in prices of cement is indicated.

3. Agricultural operations right from seeded to produce may need attentions pf all state governments and more money may be ploughed into agricultural fields to ensure prosperity of all farmers including landless farmers.

4. Under circumstances beyond control, Government may be forced to buy more rice from the local market –thus hitting rice more plan.

5. Increase in crimes on railways and other modes of transport and in communications departments indicated with connivance of employee of the department concerned –the authorities to be alert in detecting of such crimes.

6. Shipping industry, Railways and airlines may suffer heavy and/or unexpected losses. Publishing industry may also suffer. Improvement in fighting capacity of armed forces indicated and armed forces may get new equipments.

7. Great depression in film industry and theatrical circle possible and film producers may be faced with various difficulties in completing as well exhibiting their films.

8. Subject to better horoscopes of the films actor’s and actresses, the period is considered very bad for film personality including accidental events and health problems.

9. Human trafficking cases and illicit relations may be on increase. Evil results indicated for women and children. Involved person in sexual affairs may be affected by V.D. disease etc. Immorality rate may increase and occasional checks may not be sufficient. High society is also likely to face with immoral atmosphere leading to some type of scandals.

10. Country may gain from extended mercantile activities. Industrial groups also stand to gain from their marketing affairs.

11. In general, the hospitals may get more cases of mental restlessness, intestinal affections, undiagnosed disease, bowel disorders, brain troubles etc. People are advised to be more health-conscious this month.

12. Government may have to face may sided criticism-both from the public and opposition parties for various problems and on certain policies which are considered against the welfares of people.

13. Judiciary and cabinet enjoy sound position and there is no threat to the Government people in royal nobility (VIPs) judiciary, and religions shall enjoy good reputation and the common man may listen to the religious preachers. Foreign affair Ministry may do well in its performance and may bring good name to the country.

14. Sex scandals, an industrial undertakings, legal and religious matters may come to light Immoral events may be reported from educational institutions and other organisaitons like orphanage homes etc.

15. Democratic process followed by the Government may be disturbed or receive a set back. Some revolt by the people against the Government can’t be rule out.

Remedial Features

To get rid of evil effects , follow the remedial measure as given below;

Hoi-Ashtmi vart- 1st Nov. 2007- protection for children and husband.

Feed-cows and their children nad also worship them on 6th November, 2007(Govts Dwashi)

Mahaluxmi Poojan ( Deepawali ) 9th November,2007 – considered very auspicious for all businessman nad professionals.

Goverdhan Pooja – 10th November , 2007 - visit Lord krishna’s Temple.

16. Briefly, it is stated that rise in the price of white articles, oil, till, cotton is possible.

The above observations and predicative notes are based on possible indications given by the Planetary forces and thus Kailash Astro- Research Team, Editor and Astrology-the soul of all owes no responsibility for any action one may take in walk of his/her life.

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