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Who will take up the Profession of Jouirnalism

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Article published in Starteller, June 2006

Strong dispositions of the 3rd house, its lord, its dispositor and their associations withMercury (intellect) and Jupiter (optimism) make one inclined towards Journalism.

Journalism is akin to educational activities. The role of a journalist is to collect data, analyze it and then put it in the right perspective for the readers. Literary inclination and communication skills are of utmost importance.

This, is astrology, is governed by the planet Mercury, the third lord in the natural Zodiac chart and also by Jupiter signifying enthusiasm. Relationship and strength of these planets become therefore important, when we have to judge a native of his entering into this field as his profession.

The 3rd house signifies books, publications, information, communication skills etc and Mercury is the 3rd lord (lord of Gemini) of the natural zodiac. Mercury signifies intellect. Any association (conjunction or aspect) between Mercury, 3rd house and Gemini makes a native inclined towards reading, writing and corresponding with others.

In the earlier days, journalism (literary skills) was mainly confined to guide the society in the right path (moralistic). But now, the field of journalism has grown vast and it includes social, political and business areas. The specific area of pursuance of journalism depends upon the association of the 3rd lord.
Intelligence, communication skills and memory power play vital roles in the profession of journalism. Let us analyse the horoscope of a journalist.

Mercury signifying literary skills and communicative abilities happens to be her 10th lord and is powerfully placed in the ascendant, forming Dharma Karmadhipathi yoga with the 9th lord Sun. The dispositor of Mercury is Jupiter, posited along with the dispositor (Moon) of the 3rd lord Saturn. Jupiter, the dispositor of Mercury, aspects the 3rd lord Saturn. Her columns in the Newspapers speak of here journalistic abilities.

Shanker Adawal


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