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Which Planets in your Horoscope will Help you Traveling Abroad?

Article published in Starteller, July 2006

Overseas journey is indicated by the sub-lord of the 12th cusp. The 12th cusp has to be related to the 3rd and the 9th cusps; also the 12th house itself should have good positional strength.

Today, every individual looks forward to a foreign assignment. As per the Parasara system, the houses 3, 9 and 12 signify travel. My research has shown that the 8th house also plays a very important role in deciding travel abroad. The 8th house, is the 11th from the 10th. If we go into the scriptures of the past, associations of the 8th house and travel abroad are always signified as ‘Kala Pani’, ‘ Desh Nikala’ or to be deported across the ocean. i.e. at that time, it meant that being displaced from the place where you are born and wandering in foreign lands was not a very happy situation, which was related to the value systems. The 8th house and its association with other houses like the 4th (for leaving family behind) and the 7th (for being separated from wife) need to be analysed.

For deciphering the Astro indicators for foreign assignment, let us study a horoscope as per the K.P.System.

According to the KP system, overseas journey is indicated by the sub-lord of the 12th cusp. The 12th cusp has to be related to the 3rd and the 9th cusps; also the 12th house itself should have good positional strength.

In the above chart, the sub-lord of the 12th cusp is Jupiter. He is the lord of the 3rd and the 6th, posited in its own constellation. Therefore, the sub-lord of the 12th cusp is a significator of the 3rd, 6th and the 1st houses. Jupiter aspects the 9th aspect. The native, therefore, is fortunate and will go abroad.

Purpose of travel
The purpose for which he will go abroad has to be ascertained from the lord of the 6th house (i.e. 9th from the 10th house and the 11th from the 8th house). Here, this again is Jupiter and is posited in its own star. This shows that the native will go abroad on an assignment. The native left abroad for a job, offered by a foreign firm.

3, 9 and 12 bhavas
Sun is in its own star, in the 3rd bhava. No planet is in the constellation of Jupiter (3rd and 6th lord), Mercury and Mars. Ketu alone is in the Sign of Mars.

No planet is in the 9th bhava. Jupiter aspects the 9th.

· 12th bhava is occupied by Moon. Rahu is in the star of Moon lord of the 12th cusp is Mercury. No planet is in the star of Mercury.

Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Rahu and Moon have helped the native on his foreign journey.

The native left for abroad on 15 January 1976. At that time, he was running Jupiter dasa, Rahu Antara, Rahu Pratyantara and Jupiter Sookshma. Both Jupiter and Rahu associated with 3, 9 and 12.

Transits on 15 January 1976, the day of journey.
Dasa lord Jupiter was transiting in pisces, with fortunate trine aspect to its natal position. He is in the star of Mercury and the sub of Mars.

Antar (Bukthi) lord Rahu was in Libra conjoining with the natal Jupiter, and posited in the star of Jupiter, in mercury sub.

The day was ruled by Jupiter. Moon was transiting in Arudra, Rahu’s star on that day.

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