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Transmute Energy of Retrograde Jupiter for Self - Development

In every chart, opportunities of natives are earmarked with planets and its functions, whether direct or retrograde. In the case of retrogression, the attitude of the native will alter, which shall be observed differently in different bhavas. Retrograde Jupiter will make the native re-do his imperfect past life time, when the ‘self’ lacked development.

JUPITER, the benefic planet, is synonymous with generosity, good judgement, authority, legal matters, religion and money as well. A retrograde Jupiter will fashion itself as a self-expansion of unfulfilled achievements of the past birth; opportunity lost is being re-done in the current life. For an individual, it is to re-enact and attain self-development. Thus retrograde Jupiter in a natal chart indicates that the native lacked self-growth in the past life and he is to complete the process in the current life. An entire lifetime was wasted and now the native has to transmute the energy of retrograde Jupiter for self-development.

Effects of retrograde Jupiter in various houses of the natal chart

1st House: The native shall be unrefined and unreliable; makes odd judgement; dishonest; irreligious and alcoholic.

Lesson to be learnt: To develop self-awarness by retrospect know oneself and avoid self-deception.

2nd House: The native will foolishly spend his money and resources; will move around in gaudy attire; pseudo decorations etc.

Lesson to be learnt: Re-evaluate the financial needs and devise plans for proper utility of money, material and men, if in business.

3rd House: Retrograde Jupiter in the 3rd will aspect the 9th bhava. Relationships with brothers and uncles will be wanting. Lack of tact, dignity, faith and communication skills.

Lesson to be learnt: Try to realize oneself and work towards worthwhile goals.

4th House: Disturbed living environment, whether house or elsewhere; so also the state of mind, which is the seat of soul; lack of generosity and socializing nature.

Lesson to be learnt: Develop compassion; avoid one-sided approach; identify the real needs and work towards them.

5th House: Lack or improper education or technical training; denial of progeny; inattentive, parents, avarice in sensual pleasure and lack of care of health.

Lesson to be learnt: Develop compassion and proper involvement in matters of the opposite sex and children.

6th House: Unhappiness with colleagues and other associates; un healthy physique and bad habits.

Lesson to be learnt: Be very cautious with health. Maintain good relationships with people in general, colleagues and relatives in particular.

7th House: Not faithful in business partnership, marriage and any contract; highly self-centred; involve only in personal gratification and promotion; loss in partnership venture.

Lesson to be learnt: Be sincere and honest; do a fair play in all matters; balanced approach on personal gains.

8th House: There will be fear of the unknown death; improper handling of others money and affairs; poor judgement; poor taste; being one’s own enemy.

Lesson to be learnt: Make a sincere search for truth; discriminate bad; perpetuate truths. Try to understand and accept the reality of death.

9th House: The native should have abused freedom in the past birth. He believes what he does is right and does not accept others’ views. He did not avail the opportunity for mental development in the past.

Lesson to be learnt: Stress should be given for development of knowledge and philosophy of life. Gain practical wisdom.

10th House: There was frustration and disappointment in the preferred field in the past birth. Dishonour, irresponsibility, poor judgement, lack of dignity may be a few of impediments now.

Lesson to be learnt: Learn to respect authority; remain dedicated in your career; give due regard for in your career; give due regard for order, procedure, law, etc.

11th House: Negative social activities in the past birth; alcoholism; immorality.

Lesson to be learnt: Wise discrimination in choice of friends and associates; should develop good taste and discretion; maintain good moral standards.

12th House: Energy was misused in the past birth; wasteful activities, ‘I’ ‘me’ and ‘mine’ were over-emphasized; misdirected spiritual concept.

Lesson to be learnt: Seek true spiritually, compassion and brotherhood. Assume personal responsibility.

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