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Predictive Techniques of Bhrigu Nadi

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
Published in Starteller, March 2006
A Planet changes its character, depending upon the Sign and the house it occupies, the lordship of that Sign and also the vibrations it receives from the other planets, posited in other Signs. Here, let us study the behaviour of Mars.


Significations of Mars

Agriculture, accidents, brother, blood, carbuncle, commander-in-chief, cracks-in-flesh, courage, debts, fire, goldsmith, haemorrhage, injuries, instant death, sensuality, lacks morale, lands, house, liberality, love, madness, passion, rage and strength. Lord Subramanya, vanity, wounds, bold speech, success in efforts, keen interest, bilious and windy complaints, mean life, criminal law, astrology, practice of mantras, atomic energy. Electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering, mining, military, electricity, petrol, ammunition, weapons, lime kilns, brick works, base metals, cruelty, hatred, odium, kitchen, gold, relatives, thieves, falsehood, butchery, red wine, enemy, quadruped, foreign travel, automobiles, machinery, youth, pungent taste, assembly-hall, flesh-eating, summer season, Lord Brahma, Sama Veda, iron, tending wild animals, independence, assertive nature, persistence, restlessness, coral, laboratories, skill in archery, southern direction, calumny, gossip, bakeries, drying of blood, head of a village, leanness.

The various effects produced by Mars, posited in different houses are as follows-

Mars in the ascendant

Wound marks on the body or marks left behind by boils, itches and the like, stealing habit, medium size, cruel hearted, excess of anger, extraordinary valour, suffers from peculiar disease, association with low-class people.

(a.) If exalted, or in its own house - Enjoys excellent health, well-built body, reputation, favours from highly - placed people, long life, financial prosperity, learned.

(b.) If in enemy or malefic house - Poor longevity, few children, ugly-looking face.

(c.) If conjunct or aspected by malefic (s) or occupying a malefic house - Eye disease.

Mars in the 2nd House

Poor education.

(a.) If Mars, as the lord of the 11th, is posited in the 6th, the 12th or the 2nd house.
- Eye trouble.
If aspected by a benefic – Good eye sight will result.

(b.) If exalted or in own house
- Higher education, good eyesight.

(c.) If in malefic house or aspected by a malefic
- Eye-related ailments.

Mars in the 3rd House

Native’s wife will be of questionable character.

(a.) If aspected by a benefic - No blemish in wife’s character, no younger brother, poor income.

(b.) If conjunct Rahu or Ketu Intimacy with women of questionable character, bitterness with brothers, few brothers.

(c.) If conjunct or aspected by malefics -Loss of brothers.

(d.) If exalted or in own house, aspected by a benefic - Prosperity, longevity for brothers, valourous.

(e.) If aspected by a malefic - Weak constitution.

(f) If occupying a friendly house - Courageous.

Mars in the 4th House

Domestic adversities, death of father in the 8th years, ill health to mother.

(a.) If conjunct benefics - The native may not own a house; he may have to live in another’s house; he may have to live in an old or indecent house; poor income; failure in agriculture.

(b.) If conjunct benefic and exalted or in own house or in a friendly house - Courageous, Property, long life for mother.

(c.) If debilitated or conjunct malefic - Loss of mother, enmity with relatives, staying away from the native place, want of clothes and food.

Mars in the 5th House

Poor income, no children, ungentlemanly actions, official disfavours, suffering from wounds or cuts in the 6th year, very shrewd.

(a.) If exalted or in own house
- Good number of children, authoritative position, trouble from enemies.
(b.) Aspected or conjunct malefic
- Loss of children, mental disorder and allied diseases.
(c.) If Mars is the lord of the 8th from the ascendant and conjunct malefic
- The native will become valourous, may be given away in adoption.

Mars in the 6th House

Reputation, capability to achieve success in undertakings, defeats enemies, marital happiness, acquisition of conveyance in the 27th years.

(a.) In malefic house, in conjunction with a malefic or subject to malefic aspect
- The above effects will be enjoyed in full measure. Rheumatic and shooting pains.

(b.) If posited in Virgo Gemini Signs
- Possibility of Leprosy.

(c.) If aspected by a benefic
- No such diseases as above.

Mars in the 7th House

- If Mars is in the 7th from the ascendant, in a malefic Sign/ or conjunct malefic (even if
the 7th house happens to be Aries or Scorpio)
- Loss of wife.

(a.) If conjunct or aspected by a benefic
- The above malefic effects will not occur. Foreign travel.

(b.) If conjunct benefic and in exaltation, own house or friendly house with malefic aspect
- Loss of wife or intimacy with a woman, other than his wife, sexual perversions.

(c.) If conjunct with Saturn
- Sexual perversion.

(d.) If conjunct Ketu
- Contacts with women.

(e.) If there is also another malefic in conjunction
-Loss of more than one wife

(f.) In conjunct Ketu, receiving benefic aspect
- Good character.

(g.) If Mars is conjunct or aspected by its enemy
- Loss of wife.

(h.) If conjunct Rahu
- Intimacy with the servant-maid or a widow.

Mars in the 8th House

Eye diseases, longevity below 60, loss of father, urinary diseases, few children,
(a.) If conjunct benefic
-Good health, good longevity.
(b.) If occupying a malefic house or conjunct or aspected by malefic
- Rheumatic diseases, Tuberculosis.
(c.) If strongly disposed
- Full longevity.

Mars in the 9th House

If mars is strong - Prosperity, adultery.

Mars in the 10th House

When favourably disposed.

- Long-lived brothers, good prosperity, interest in charity and hymns, devotional

(a.) If conjunct malefic - Failure in understanding professional reverses, loss of reputation, capable of professional earnings from the 18th years, stealing habit, robust constitution.

(b.) If conjunct with lords of the 9th or the 10th - Raja yoga will arise.

(c.) If conjunct Jupiter - Gain of landed property

Mars in the 11th House

Besides enjoying financial prosperity, the native will become a man of manifold activities.

(a) If conjunct with the lord of 11th
- Head of township.
(b) If conjunct benefic.
- Prosperous brothers, very good Raja yoga is formed, prosperity.

Mars in the 12th House

Rheumatic problems, ungentlemanly actions, sinful deeds, inadequate income.

Shanker Adawal


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