Effects during the Major period of Saturn Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

Saturn in an unfriendly sign -  gets wealth from trading community and loss of lands, cultivation and place, and hatred of thieves and authority.

Saturn in a friendly house -  skilful in medical and miscellaneous work, wisdom, strength, courage nad great sorrow.

Saturn in an intimate friend’s house -  happiness, respect of kings, increases of cattle, cultivation, and merchandise.

Saturn in a Neutral house -  ordinary intelligence, friendship of children, friends and wife, servants, hatred of relations, emaciation, consumption and biliousness and windy complaints.

Saturn with a debilitated planet -  great fear of unknown, hatred of learned men, residence in a foreign country and following a despicable livelihood.

Saturn with an exalted planet -  great happiness, some country, some cultivation and destruction to menials.

Saturn with a malefic -  commits secret sins, sexual intercourse with worthless women and quarrels and troubles with mean fellows and thieves.

Saturn with a benefic – great wisdom, helps others, gain of wealth, good cultivation and black seed crops, black-grain etc., like gingerly seeds.

Saturn with a malefic aspect -  loss of servants, children, brothers, wealth, wife, blame from others, dirty and untimely meals, scents and flowers.

Saturn with a beneficial aspect -  The native will have wife, children, and servants, money and in the end there will be losses to cows, lands, merchandise, and cultivation.

Saturn in Kendra’s -  Gives quarrels, fatigue, trouble, many deaths of children, wife, wealth and friends.

Saturn with Sun -  hatred of caste people, adultery with other women, hatred of servants and children and attempts to do great acts which involve the commission of various sins.

Saturn in Debilitation Navamsa -  Living by mean and disgraceful work, dependencdy on many and sorrow to and from wife, children, money.

Saturn in Exlated Navamsa -  many happy and enjoyable comforts, foreign travel and lordship over villages, towns and assemblies or associations.

Saturn in the commencement -  great sorrow, death of brothers, in the middle foreign travel and in the end residence in other’s houses and food served out by them.

Saturn with Sthanabala -  happiness from wife, issues, money, fear from fire, thieves and rulers, relations, diseases to eyes and in the arms.

Saturn with Digbala -  spreading reputation and happiness, loss of lands, servants, wife, children and brothers and hatred of relations.

Saturn with Kalabala -  Fear from poisons and drugs, fear from wife, children, rulers, thieves, and gain of lands, cultivation and grains.

Saturn in retrograde -  disappointments and failures in work, loss of power, sorrow and brothers and money.

Saturn in cruel Sastiamsa -  great fear, anger of kings, loss of place and confinement or jail.

Saturn in beneficial Sastiamsa -  great happiness, wife, children, and money and respect of relation.

Saturn in Visheshika amsa -  happiness, great respect of kings and gain of varied colour clothing.

Saturn in cruel Drekkana -  great fear, gallows, loss or fear from fire, poison, kings.

Saturn in debilitation joining exalted Navamsa -  misery and sorrow in the beginning and great happiness in the end.

Exalted Saturn in a debilitated Navamsa -  great happiness in the beginning and sorrow and trouble in the end.

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