Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: The Muntha, Chapter XI, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Muntha

Part 3

7. 7th House: Misunderstanding/ quarrels with spouse & her illness, loss in partnership, sickness & mental worries, tendencies to do evil deeds, loss in war, seclusion & confinement, perversion. However Muntha in sign of Jupiter/ Venus gives auspicious results, like marriage.

Chart No. 32: Mahatma Gandhi: Born on Thursday, 2 Oct 1869 at 8-28 AM at Porbander: 78th annual chart from 4 Oct 1947 onward.

Main Features

1. The Muntha is in inimical 7th house with no friendly aspect.

2. Lord of Muntha, Mars, is in debilitation in inimical aspect in 10th house with Saturn.

3. Recurrence of Dwi-Janam lagna.

4. 11th lord Sun in 12th house in Ishrafa yoga with debilitated 2-7th lord Mars.

5. Venus, as year lord is lord of 1-8th house, debilitated in 12th house and in Ithasala with Saturn associated with Mars.

6. Both Moon and Jupiter are in close conjunction with Rahu-Ketu.

7. He was assassinated on 30 Jan 1948.

8 8th House: The Muntha here produces extremely adverse results in the form of death, chronic illness, accidents, loss/ deformity in limbs, loss of wealth, prestige, position, loss of physical strength & stamina, professional & worldly setback, displeasure from rulers/ boss, loss in litigation.

Chart No. 33: 73rd Annual Chart of JL Nehru for the year 1961-62

Main Features

1. The Muntha is in 8th house in Rahu-Ketu axis.

2. Lagna lord Jupiter is in 2nd house, with Sasturn and in Rahu-Ketu axis.

3. Saturn is 8th lord of birth chart.

4. 9th lord Sun is debilitated.

5. Mars in 12th house denotes foreign intrigues against the country.

6. Moon is with Maraka Saturn and in Rahu-Ketu axis.

7. All Kendra/ Trikones are vacant.

8. Under Nehru’s leadership, India suffered humiliating defeat by China in 1962. It was personal defeat of Nehru and his policies. He never recovered from this shock.

9. 9th House: It is very good position indicating fulfillment of desires, good fortunes, financial gains, name, fame, prosperity, rise in profession/ service, favours from rulers, pious & religious deeds, pilgrimage & long fruitful journeys and happiness from spouse & children.

10. 10th House: Another good position denoting rise in status, realization of ambition, name, fame, honour & promotion in profession, respect in society, performs good deeds, increase in income & wealth.

11. 11th House: Gains from all sides, happiness A& help from elder siblings, friends, spouse & children, solution of outstanding problems, favours from superiors & rulers, gain in physical & mental health, political success and fulfillment of desirers.

12. 12th House: Loss of name & wealth, excessive expenditure, mental anguish, obstacles in profession, association of wicked people, sickness, accidents, jail, irreligious deeds, enmity with friends and failure in undertakings.

Chart No. 34: Ms Indira Gandhi: Born on Monday 19 Nov 1919 at 11-12 PM at Allahabad: 56th Annual chart from 20 Nov 1974-75.

The Muntha is in adverse 12th house in sign of Saturn having inimical aspect of 6th lord Sun & 8th lord Venus. 1975 was the year of humiliation for the native due to Allahabad high court judgement and subsequent emergency.

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