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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: The Muntha, Chapter XI, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

4. Implications of the Muntha

The results of the Muntha in a house vary according to the nature of aspect and association of planets and its own lord. When the Muntha is associated or has friendly aspects by benefics or its own lord, the house where it is located prospers. Where this Muntha falls in the birth chart, that house also prospers during the year under review. The opposite would be results, if it has inimical aspects of malefic on it or on its lord.

The vitality of a Brava is strengthened, if it happens to be the Muntha place, provided the lord of the sign is subject to Ithasala Yoga and the Brava is associated with or has friendly aspect by benefics. For example in chart No. 22, the Muntha is placed in 2nd house with its lord Jupiter and has friendly aspect by exalted Saturn and by Swagrahi Sun, 11th lord Mercury & Venus from 10th house. Moreover the Muntha falls in the 10th house of birth chart. So the native has excellent results pertaining to 2nd & 10th house of the chart. But his Moon is placed in 7th house in Rahu-Ketu axis with no friendly aspect from any planet. So his mother also died during the same year. The influence of various planet on the Muntha, by virtue of its association, friendly aspect or being its lord in an auspicious house, would be as under:

1. Sun: It ensures favours & recognition from the rulers & higher-ups, friendship with high level persons, elevation in status, dominance over opponents, increase in name, fame & status in service or profession, and gainful journeys. Adverse effects would accrue if the Sun is ill placed say in 6, 8 or 12th house or is ill aspected. (See chart of J.L. Nehru for annual chart of 1961-62, where a debilitated Sun has inimical aspect on the Muntha in 8th house).

2. Moon: The native gains health & wealth, earns his name through virtuous deeds, undertakes new ventures, gains in business/ trade of liquids / white articles, fulfillment of desires, gets peace & mental satisfaction. But when ill-placed or ill-aspected gives loss of wealth and mental anguish. (See chart of J.L. Nehru, where the Muntha is placed in the house of Moon in 8th house with Rahu, causing great humiliation & mental anguish to the native during the year).

3. Mars: If well placed and well aspected by Jupiter/ Venus, the native enjoys auspicious results including success in business and gain of wealth. Otherwise it causes accidents, injuries, surgery, blood & bilious disorders, quarrels, mental agony and excessive expenditure. (See chart No. 30 of Mahatma Gandhi, where Muntha is in 7th house of Mars with debilitated Mars having inimical aspect on the Muntha. The native was assassinated during the year).

4. Mercury: It denotes increase in knowledge, wisdom & sharp intellect, educational achievements, happiness & help from family & friends, success in art, commerce, & business, favours from women, name, fame & inflow of wealth. If ill-placed and/ or ill-aspected, causes physical & mental troubles.

5. Jupiter: It gives happiness from spouse, progeny, friends & saints, birth of a child, sudden gains in status, business & wealth, desired success & employment, precious gems/ stones, luxurious life and delicious food, if Jupiter is having favourable Ithasala. Affliction to such a Muntha adversely affects the name, fame, wealth & happiness. (See Rajiv Gandhi’s 41st annual chart where the Muntha is in 2nd house of Jupiter with Jupiter and having friendly Ithasala of Sun, Saturn, Mercury & Venus).

6. Venus: The good results are similar to those of Mercury. In addition, it gives marriage, pleasures & comforts of all sorts and gain in wealth and artistic talents. But these results become unfavourable and troublesome and one suffers on accounts of females if Venus is afflicted.

7. Saturn: It denotes diseases, loss of honour & wealth, disappointments, seclusion and windy ailments. If also aspected by malefics like Mars, it causes accidents, injury, surgery, bilious complaints, blood disorders and danger from fire/ thieves. However if influenced by Jupiter and / or Venus, the ill-effects are nullified and one gets sumptuous power and wealth. (See chart No 32 of Ms Indira Gandhi, wherein the Muntha is in 12th house of Saturn conjunct with Jupiter and in friendly aspect with Saturn & Mars. The native had adverse high court judgement, ignominy of imposing emergency but retained sumptuous power & wealth).

8. Rahu & Ketu: According to Neelkantha, the degrees, Rahu has traversed in sign, is his back and the degrees yet to be traversed is his face/ mouth. If Muntha is in his face and influenced by Jupiter and/ or Venus, it gives all kinds of wealth and happiness; but if in the back of it, it leads to all kinds of difficulties & obstructions. The Ketu gives all kinds of losses and mental agony. The Muntha gives favourable results during first half of the year, and unfavourable ones during second half of the year, if associated with Rahu. The reverse holds true when associated with Ketu. However since Rahu & Ketu are always retrograde and not own any house/ Brava, these results needs further research/ testing.

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