A Guide to Palmistry: The Mutual Action of Mounts, Chapter VII, Part – 16


Dr. Shanker Adawal

(v) Good Mars and Bad Venus:

Nothing can resist the temptation of bad Venus or stand against its corrupted influence. The natural preparedness of Mars for fun and women is developed to vicious debauchery. His hot temper is mixed by bad Venus’s blasphemy and abuse.

Nothing can resist the temptation of bad Venus or stand against its corrupted influence. The natural preparedness of Mars for fun and women is developed to vicious debauchery. His hot temper is mixed by bad Venus’s blasphemy and abuse.

The good Mars usually prides over his gallantry and bravery wretch the vile Venus smears with foul fragrance. Great care should be taken in handling this type; once he gets angry, his rage knows no limits and it would be a matter of few moments for this type to have full revenge. This is especially noted in case his jealousy is aroused.

On making his mind to have something, nothing sacred or lawful can stop him; he must have his way even if it leads to bloodshed.

He is very impertinent in his lovemaking. He is not deterred in flirting with a wife in face of her husband, and once he makes up his mind to have this wife, he will have her even if her husband is killed. He is extremely shortsighted, committing his foul actions before thinking of their results.

(vi) Bad Mars and Bad Venus:

This is the most audacious and impertinent type of all categories He has a natural urge to hurt others’ feelings through insults, harsh words and threats. Being reckless and dauntless, this type picks quarrels wherever he goes. He is the terror of his neighbours upon whom he levies taxes which they willingly pay in order to avoid his evil. He is very obstinate and narrow minded, and always seeks for trouble. Once he believes that he has been wronged, no power on earth can remove this belief from his mind; and he insists on taking revenge at once. He deliberately disregards the law and its authority.

This type is naturally endowed with a powerful vitality and very strong arms which he likes to train and exercise upon the poor and timid. He is daring devil and never waits for his opponent to attack him; he must deal the first blow.

At night he gets drunk and loafs through the streets shouting and asking for quarrel. He believes that there is no person more powerful or mischievous than himself; and declares that if there is any let him come and show himself.

He is short lived and is often treacherously killed by his amour or one of big partners.

 (F) Moon and Other Mounts:

(i) Good Moon and Good Venus:

This type is the example of modesty and virtue. His taste is refined and his sentiments are noble. Sometimes he is accused of being biased or partial as he is inclined to favour his relatives and friends more often than strangers.

The good Moon’s hesitation adds to good Venus’s weak willpower and both mounts create an individual totally deprived of determination or power of decision. For this reason, this type fails to make  good senior or an administrator whose office is to restore order and enforce discipline. Knowing his defect, this type never accepts big or senior jobs.

The majority of people influenced by this type are born rich and they find great pleasure in visiting foreign countries where they collect masterpieces of art, especially painting and engraving.

They try to do good to everybody and their houses are opened to any knocker. They are usually lazy and consider work as disdainful to their dignity and social rank.

Both sexes governed by this type get married at an early age and often remain without children.

During their lifetime they bequeath huge sums of money to different institutes and pay similar sums to encourage art and artists.

They are very neat and clean in dress and behaviour and like to look grand and impose their influence through their money.

This type is very keen on religious matters and spends large sums of money encouraging religious institutes and religious authority.


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