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Time Period of Planets and Sudarshan Chakra!

The time period of planets may also be calculated through Sudarshan chakra which stands for the pertains of horoscope established due to occurrence of planets at auspicious and ominous locations. Let us watch the horoscope as to which locations the twelve factors (cells or Bhav) are occupying. Out of them the ascendant namely the first most cell in the horoscope is the first month and the first year; the second cell is the second year; the third cell pertains to the third year; the fourth cell pertains to the fourth year and so on. In a birth horoscope, the twelfth cell stands for the 12th year of life. After the 12th cell the ascendant cell is of 13th year; the second cell is 14th year; the third is the 15th year and so on. The value of all the cell is calculated as the principal of one cell equivalent to one year. Thus, the planets lying in whichever cell are promoting or demoting the factors related with the respective cells. Their auspiciousness and ominousness bring prospect and disaster respectively.

 An Example of watching Sudarshan Chakra

Suppose, among the planets occurring in due target time the ascendant, namely the first cell, pertains to bodily features of the newborn and inconstancies of her grandparents. The years 1, 13, 25, 37 and 44 will bear for them auspicious and ominous results as these are the years impacted by the association of the first cell. Glance of the ominous Mars also falls in this characteristic. Further, its impact also bring results in the first, tenth and twenty second year due to occurrence of Aries Rashi in the tenth place. Therefore, these are the years in which the associations of this cell are harmed. Thus the associations of cell one to cell 12 are worth considering. Associations of the cells occupied by ominous planets are harmed in these years and months. Meanwhile, if an ominous planet is visible to the cell from which it watches the other, then the year to which that cell pertains that cell also is harmful for the associations of that cell. If there is a union of auspicious planets in that cell its association will progress and prosper. If there is a conjunction of both the auspicious and the ominous the impact of strong one among them will be auspicious or ominous for the person concerned.

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