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What is Dara-karaka in Hindu Vedic Astrology?

What is Dara Karaka? - Dara Karaka is the smallest degree planet in the natal-chart. It shows what kind of person we subconsciously endeavour to see as our life partners.

The planet itself determines the qualities of the partner and its position determines how the relationship with him/her will develop. The sign in which the Dara Karaka is located plays a very significant role. You also need to take this match into the account and its aspects and relationships with other planets.

For example, if she/he comes under beneficial influence, it indicates a good and reliable life partner. If he/she is aspected by inauspicious planets, he/she may meet a problematic partner. Regressive or burnt-out gift factors also manifest themselves slightly differently from the usual description.

Rahu and Ketu are not Dara Karakas because they are not physical planets.

General description of Dara-karak....

Dara-karak - Sun

Your partner's status plays an important role for you. You are looking for a leader who can become the head of the family. You value intelligence, balance, creativity, talent, and self-confidence in your chosen one.

Often such people require more attention to their person. The conjunction of Sun with Mercury forms Budha-ditya Yoga, which indicates high intellectual abilities of the partner.

Conjunction/aspect with Venus or Saturn indicates a hard connection but with Mars and Jupiter, it is bringing out your best qualities to your partner.

Dara-karaka - Lunar/moon

You can be called lucky. You like soft, emotional, sensitive partners who will surround you with almost maternal care.

Such people easily get along with others, willingly compromise and prefer to solve all problems peacefully. But if your Moon is in an enemy sign, Scorpio, or in conjunction with Saturn, Mercury or Mars, this may indicate an emotionally unstable partner.

Moon in Scorpio means that the partner will be a moody person. Conjunction with Venus – Dependent on your love; With Mars - he can be aggressive, with Saturn - depressive. It is best when the Moon is in Cancer or Capricorn – it provides emotional stability.

The conjunction of Jupiter with the Moon indicates an intelligent, optimistic and reliable partner.

Dara-karaka - Mars

You are fascinated to the "Martian" type. Most likely, your partner will be very active with a strong will and clear thinking. He doesn't like to put things off until loves adventure. Mars is a planet accustomed to following the orders of the king.

Such a person knows how to solve problems and restore order. In conjunction with the Moon, Mars may indicate a strong eccentric who likes controversy. Mars with Venus will give a passionate partner.

Dara-karaka -Mercury

You will get a very friendly and sociable partner. These people love life and know how to enjoy the little things. For them, love gives more happiness than hard work. Mercury and Venus make a good conjunction, promising a happy relationship.

Conjunctions with Jupiter or the Sun are no less favourable unless Mercury is combusted. Due to the conjunction of Saturn, you will stay away from each other's company. Due to the influence of Moon, the partner may become emotionally unstable.

Dara-karaka - Jupiter

You are attracted to optimistic, cheerful partners with gentle, calm nature. To those who can become a wise teacher for you, always ready to help. As a rule, such people are well educated and love children. Favourable relationship with Sun, Moon, and Mars. The influence of Mercury, Saturn or Venus may indicate disappointment in the partner.

Dara-karaka - Venus

You are interested to Venus types of natives. There is every possibility that you will associate your life with a person who knows how to do business, who is charming, friendly, handsome, and obedient. A true romantic who will take you in his arms. Conjunction with Sun, Moon and Jupiter is unfavourable for Venus. Cold Saturn has a bad effect on Venus in conjunction but shows its best qualities when visible.

Dara-karaka - Saturn

Perhaps you like a partner who is older than you, for whom relationships are not an empty phrase. They are usually serious, not very romantic, but incredibly devoted to their chosen one (i.e. you). They are silent and very stubborn. They can be difficult to get along with because they don't like to compromise.

Saturn natives are committed practical people. They are reluctant to express their feelings, and it is almost impossible to understand what is in their soul, unless they themselves want to tell you. But it seems that such people are made for long-term relationships.

They know what they want and don't have too many expectations. If your Dara Karaka is Saturn, then you will be able to choose the right person for life. Conjunction with the Moon may indicate an extremely sensitive person. Under the influence of Mercury and Venus, Saturn softens and provides happy and easy relationships.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

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