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Scorpions’ life is slightly more complex in comparison of other Natives!

Sun Sign Scorpio is perhaps the most complex and misread zodiac sign. Scorpios are wonderful people, strong-willed and never worrying about what's theirs. They are certainly different people, but they are also aware of how those emotions can affect them. They hope to be seen as a soldier so that they can bear their many losses and hardships. Scorpio liberation makes it difficult to ask for help and it is mistaken for superiority. Many people are attracted to Scorpios, but they will never understand the inner turmoil they face in everyday tasks. The difficult thing for them is that they are in a constant struggle between their soul and psyche. 

Scorpio will not interrogate you for anything unless they need you and there is no standard to accomplish without your help. They generally do not like to beg for service because they see it as evidence of deficiency. Scorpios have lost assistants during a group project because they can't handle other people's beliefs. Scorpios are known to be incredibly stubborn in their beliefs. Unlike other typical zodiac signs, they do not give up their essence easily.

This can be a downside to guessing. Scorpio people spend a lot of effort and time to reach their point of belief on a subject. Scorpios are highly autonomous. They prefer to forge their own path in vitality and do not like to ride on someone else's coattails.

Dr. A. Shanker

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