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Prana and Sooksham Dashas – Part 4

Sub-Periods in Sub-Period of Rahu:
Results of the Sub-Period of Planets in the Sub-Period of Rahu:

 Sub-Period of the Rahu in the Sub-Period of Rahu:

i)               Aversion to food, danger of poison, sudden destruction of wealth.

 Sub-Period of the Jupiter in the Sub-Period of Rahu:

ii)             Physical comforts, fearlessness, gain of vehicles, but quarrels with the degraded persons.


Sub-Period of Saturn in the Sub-Period of Rahu:

iii)           Destruction of mansion due to fire, body ailments, capturing of (native’s) wealth by degraded persons, confinement, etc.

Sub-Period of Mercury in the Sub-Period of Rahu:

iv)            Enlightenment through sermons of the preceptor, honoring the preceptors, and assimilation of refined and good nature.


Sub-Period of Ketu in the Sub-Period of Rahu:

v)             Confrontation with wife and children, loss of wealth over some bold action.


Sub-Period of Venus in the Sub-Period of Rahu:

vi)            Gain of conveyance duly fitted with government Umbrella, success in all tasks, worship of lord Shiva, the commencement of the house construction, etc.


Sub-Period of the Sun in the Sub-Period of Rahu:

vii)          Apprehension of pile disease, the possibility of persecution by the Govt. Authority, loss of animals, etc.


Sub-Period of the Moon in the Sub-Period of Rahu:

viii)        Mental satisfaction, sound intelligence, respectability, the pleasure of meeting the preceptor, fear of sinful act., mental comforts, etc.


Sub-Period of Mars in the Sub-Period of Rahu:

ix) Dangers from devil and fire, demotion in position, troubles, and inclination towards menial acts.

Dr. A. Shanker

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