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Inference of Planets – Rashi, Ansh and Kula-Bakula!

If the planet whose inference is intended has a crooked movement deduct from the same the obtained Kula bakula. If the movement is straight Kula bakula will be added. In mathematics the terms Rashi, ansh, and kula bakula have been frequently used. Sixty miles make one pal, 60 pals make one ghari and 60 gharis make one day and night. Each Rashi has 30 ansher. ansh and kula and bakula of each and every planet 60 hakula makes one kula, 60 kula make, one ansh and 30 anshas make one Rashi. Therefore, when needed, if bakula exceed 60 let the quotient be added to kulas and if they exceed 60 add the quotient divided by 60 to anshas, and in case anshas exceed 30 add the quotient divided by 30 to Rashi. In case Rashi exueds let that rass

and quotient be excluded from the remainder of division by 12. The addition is made beginning from bakula i.e. left-hand side while subtraction is done from the side of Rashi. If the upper digit of rass is shorter then shorten the lower digit by adding to them a dummy number. The shortage is is adjusted by adding 7 to days, 30 to anshas, 60 to keelas and 60 to bakalas, Therefore, while in mathematical calculations, inferences should be made with great accuracy.

Dr. A. Shanker

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