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Janam Kundli (Birth Horoscope)

Janm Kundli
(Birth Horoscope):
Suppose the ascendant of our target time is Gemini and the digit for Gemini is third in counting order. So, the digit 3 will be entered instead of the name Gemini in the first house. The remaining digits will be entered in other house in a series. It means digits 3 instead of Gemini in the first house; digit 4 in the second house; digit 5 in the third house; digit 6 in the fourth house; digit 7 in the fifth house, digit 8 in the sixth house, digit 9 in the seventh house, digit nine in the eighth house; number 10 in the ninth house; number 12 in the tenth house. After the number of 12 the digit 1 will be operated in the eleventh house while digit 2 will be entered in 12 the house because counting of Rashis begin from Aries and ends at Pisces. While filling up the houses of a horoscope put the representative digit of the ascendant of the target time in the first house followed by the entry of other representative digits in the remaining houses.

How to write Birth Horoscope: By the grace of the Almighty a fortunate son was born in the house of Janab Lala Fateh Chand in Sambat 1983 Bikram corresponding to 1848 Shakha, Hijri year 1345 Dated 4 Aswaj Sambat 1983 Bikram corresponding to 19 September 1926 on Sunday dated Shudi twelth-2 ghari, 42 pal Dhanrishtha nakshatra 50 ghari 36 pal, suknma yog 25 ghari 40 pal, length of the day 36 ghari 22 pal, length of night 29 ghari 38 pal, time of birth 50 ghari 5 pal from after the Sunset i.e. at 2:30 o’clock as per lunar hour in house of Cancer namely the Karak Lagan.

Birth Horoscope and Lunar Horoscope: Lunar horoscope is also called Rashi horoscope. Having understood the concept of the houses of horoscope let us enter the mansions of the target time ascending to horoscope of the particular date under date from the prevalent alamanac. The solar horoscope will be drawn in the same manner. In birth horoscope, there will be the first digit of the birth ascendant while in the lunar horoscope the first digit is assigned to the mansion where the Moon stays. While the remaining solstices or Rashis will be filled in the houses in an order by manner while the planets will be entered according to the Rashis. This is called Chander kundli. The counting digit of ascendant in Janam Kundli is known as Janam lagan while the Moon of the Rashi which falls in that kundli is called Janam Rashi of the person concerned.

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