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Celestial Houses and its nature!


Astrology is based on celestial houses (Raashi), planets, nakshatras and their combinations. Ancient sages studied all these celestial houses and established rules of their movement through specific calculations besides depicting their celestial shape by instruments of observation about which some people have doubts.  They claim that it is impossible to be so. However, their view is not sound as the seers have established the shape of a celestial house as formed by clusters of stars duly observed by then. If one casts a probing look into the darker side of the sky, they will wonder to see different shapes being formed there with the combination of a number of stars. Hence, objections become baseless in the face of sterling evidence, clear experience and exact observation.

In this visual circle of the heaven all moving stars are floating on a destined route from which they never deviate. Earlier astrologers, after rigorous study, have divided this route into twelve stages and have named every stage as the house and the circle of twelve houses as the zone of houses (Zodiac). The reason for depicting the houses, for example, in the shape of ram, lion and Scorpio is that in establishing the limits of the twelve celestial houses of twelve visual portions with the help of clusters known as fixed or motionless stars have been imagined on speculation. They are known as imaginary and have speculative names to distinguish all these parts of heaven from each other.

Dr. A. Shanker

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