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What is Lagan (Ascendant)?

For every work to be done astrology obligates watching of Ascendant. This is because the Creator has based this entire knowledge of good and evil of all the creatures on a moment of stars to which the entire universe is bound. Among Hindus, when a child is born the events of the period of time passed after the birth are incurred from an astrologer. The astrologer determines first of all ascendant or lagan and then draws a horoscope of 12 columns entering in the names of the stars from the prevalent almanac of the year.

The horoscope reveals the nature and quality of the child’s life and vicissitudes of this life, his habits and manners, progress and regression, his past deeds and the acts he will do in the future. The existence and location of planets will be unreliable till the ascendant remains unclear and incorrect. The entire result depends on the accuracy of lagan or auspicious moment. Other aspects of the result are associated with the columns of lagan

Sometimes, when there is no means of knowing the correct time or where one celestial house begins and where another ends determination of auspicious moments becomes doubtful; or some amateur astrologers draw a faulty horoscope which makes signs differ because the timings of Sun rise and Sun set in different cities are different. Birth of male children on the Earth surface differs from one another, even for a fraction of moments due to this factor. This difference influences the features of the newborn and he faces various tragedies in his life which become more severe if there is a large difference between the calculated auspicious moment and the actual one. 

It has been observed that according to the celestial movement of rapid stars a difference of even five minutes can bring a formidable impact. However, in case twins are born they undergo more or less the same conditions. They even die at the same time. The celestial movement is very complicated and unpredictable. The Indian saints have mostly attributed it to Rashi, ansh, kula and bakula. 600 bipals make one pal, 60 pals make one ghari, 60 gharis make one day and night, one day has 12 lagan, one lagan has 100 ansh. One ansh has 60 kulas, one kula has 60 bakula and one bakula has 60 seconds or chhan. Prashar rishi’s have evolved even more complicated calculations. It may suggest the awesome change that occurs due to the difference of lagan the time change movement by movement. All glory and gloom, rise and fall are caused by changes in circumstances whose sole cause is the celestial movement.

Dr. A. Shanker

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