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Daily Movement of the Sun!

Having left the house of Aries when the Sun enters the house of Taurus it gradually inclines to the North up to 34 degrees. This period is called uttarain Sun. Whether daily movement of the Sun duration of day increases long 4  long 4 pails per 24 hours still this duration amounts to 35 ghari and 20 pal from April to 24 June. This daily movement day duration of night is 24 gharees and 40 pal while the daily movement of the Sun is as measured 56 kula and 5 fakula. Whether this daily movement of the Sun in the countries situated South of the equator experience a gradual increase in the duration of night in 20th July when the Sun enters the house of lancer duration of day begins to decrease till when in the month of October enters the house of Libra and day and night become equal in the countries situated on the equal afterwards, The Sun begins to incline to the South. Then, while the Sun enters the house of Scorpio and the house of Sagittarius duration of night starts to increase. In some countries the Sun is even not seen rising. This state of the Sun is known as Dakshinain. Then the night begins to be shorter when the Sun enters the house of Capricorn, the house of Aquarius and the house of Pisces till day and night become equal in equatorial countries when the Sun steps into the house of Aries. Northern and Southern tilts of the Sun are responsible for the difference in the timings of Sun rise and Sun set in different countries.

Dr. A. Shanker

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