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As per Hindu Vedic Astrology, How many years ago the world did originate?

The science of Investigating the World: When was the World born and when will it end up?

It is, in fact a difficult and unsolvable question. Every religion has a different opinion on this issue. While posing this question one may say that the world annihilates and is reborn every moment because of the one who is dead, the entire world perishes. This is quite correct and we agree with this approach. It is not easy to understand the origin and the end of the earth and life on it. Hindu philosophers of the you have described through their academic research as annadi. The oldest scripture dealing with astrology namely Suraj Siddhanta has estimated one phase of the world at 12,50,00,000 Yojans. Such one phase is called Kalap. After that, the world originates. A time will come when the entire universe will become one with God and all activities of the world will come at a standstill.

How many years ago the world did originate?

About the origin of the world, it may be understood that the universe is characterized by four periods or yugas. The first of them is satyug spread over 17,28,00,000 yojans. Second is Tritya whose span is 12,96,000 years; the third is dwapar covering 8,64,000 years; and the fourth is kaljug stretched over 4,32,000 years. The total duration of the four yogas makes a mahayug or agrand period of 43,20,000 years.

In Dhruvaank of astrology, 60 bipal make one pal; 60 pals make one ghari; and 60 gharis make one day and night together. Thirty days and nights make one month. 600 multiplied by 30 make 1800 gharis of one month. Gharis of one month multiplied by 12 will make 21,600 gharis. Since 60 gharis constitute one day and night, if they are divided by 60 the quotient will be 360. These are the days of a year, which is said to be equal to one day of God. Such 12,000 years of gods make one mahayuga. Since a human year is about 360 days when they are multiplied by 12,000, it will make one human mahaayug which will be actually 43,20,000 years. If this duration of mahayug is divided by 10 the quotient will be 4,32,000. If the duration of Kalyug is multiplied by 2 we will get the duration of Dwaparyug as 8,64,000 years. Multiplication of Kalyug’s duration by 3 will give the duration of Trityayug as 12,96,000 years, whereas the multiplication of kalyug’s duration by 4 will give the duration of Satyug as 17,28,000 years.

Dr. A. Shanker

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