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Names of Divisions and their orders in Hindu Vedic Astrology!

Utkal khand
; Havam khand; Bhadrasu Khand; Ketumad Khand; Ilawat Khand; Nabhi khand; Kimpurish khand; Bharat Khand and Zahri Khand. In the centre of the fifth khand there seemem montion which is 1,00,000 yogan in hight 16,000 yajan in length,18,000 yojan in width and 32,000 yojan in circumference. It consists of four sub divisions or puris. They are Brahampuri, Inderpuri, Yampuri and Kuberpuri. The Sun visits each puri early in the morning, at noon and at midnight. Leaving Barhampuri sacred Ganges flows down Sumeru mountain in Gangotri. The eighth is Bharat Khand in which our country is situated and is eighth part of Jumbo Dweep. The ninth Khand or Brahmand or the world is round like a lotus flower. Every part of Jumbo Dweep has a mountain in it. The peak of Sumeru Parbat resounds with chirpings of different birds and sounds made by animals in their fascinating manners in an area of thousands of yojan in length and width bedecked with fruits and flowers of various hues and colors.

Dr. A. Shanker

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