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Let us discuss about the Earth astrologically!

The earth is a planet in itself. Its shape is like the heaven, elliptical and dented from both the sides. It rotates like planets. Its volume is 19,66,00,000 sq. miles. Its polar diameter is 7899 miles while the equatorial diameter 7945 miles. Its three parts are drowned in water. Its populated third or fourth part also includes in it islands and continents. It is at a distance of 9,30,00,000 miles from the Sun. Due to roundness, its half portion faces the Sun while the other portion consists of ice near the poles and hot winds, 3/4

water and 1/4 land adjacent to the equator. A layer of air is covering it from all around like a sheath. City of Sarandeep is situated in its centre while Somnath is just under the equator. There is no population further Southward. There is ocean of salt spread up to 180 degrees while Northward there is a populated area up to 70 degrees comprising seven realms. Besides, there is remaining part of the ocean of salt up to 180 degrees in length from east to west and 180 degrees in width from North to South. In between them equatorial line is situated. The Sun remains approximately at 23.5 degrees in North and South due to which 47 degrees facing the Sun are warm while 43 degrees in South and North are temperate. In its last portion 23.5 degrees are cold. Sages are of the opinion that the earth elliptically rotates around the Sun which is the center of the entire universe. Its per second speed is 19 miles. Its daily round on the actual axis is 68,000 miles per 24 hours. It completes its rotation around the Sun in 365 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 53 seconds namely one solar year. Change of seasons and crops and longevity and shortness of day and night takes place due to this annual rotation.

 In this process, it has to cover a distance of 81,38,400 miles. Half of the earth always remains bright while another half is always darker. This brightness and darkness do not always remain the same because the earth also performs its axial rotation besides the annual rotation which cause difference between durations of day and night. The diameter of the earth is 7961 miles while its circumference is 25,00,000 miles. It is surrounded by water. According to geographical division, it has 360 degrees because lines dram from the centre to the circumference in a round or elliptical shape are four right angles or 360 degrees. Thus each degree of the earth is determined to be equal to 69-75 miles which takes four minutes in coming to light. The portion apposite to it still remains dark. Calculation of longitude and latitude is based on these very degrees due to which it is night in the Mexico City of the USA when it is noon time in India.

Dr. A. Shanker

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