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Lengthening and Shortening of Day and Night!

The changes in the axial rotation of day and night is calculated by altering the movement of the Sun and its speed. Let us observe the zodiac divided into four parts. A line is shown in it east to west from Aries to Libra with one semi circle on one side and one semi-circle on the other side. It is named as the line of equator situated at the centre. Upto its 180 degrees there is ocean of salt; upto 78 degrees in the North there is the population of seven realms. Ocean of salt is found also in the second semi-circle whose length is 180 degrees from east to west and 180 degrees from North to South. In its centre there is line of equator, which intersects the circle North to South at 90 degrees. When the Sun comes at nearly 9 ansha of Meen Rashi the hours of day and night become equal. Then the Sun inclines to the North and moves with a slow speed. It is the time when day starts increasing and nights become shorter. Till the Sun naches 9 asha of Gemini or Mithun Rashi duration of day is of 2.5 ghari and 20 pal while the duration of night is of 24 ghari and 40 pal. The day increase by 14 pal per 24 hours. Later, the Sun assumes speed causing decrease in the duration of day and increase in the duration of night till day and night again become equal when the Sun reaches nearly 9 ansha of the Virgo or Kanya Rashi. Now, the Sun inclines to the South causing a gradual decrease in the duration of day and increase in the duration of night. When the Sun reaches 9 and 10 ansha of Sagittarius or Dhanu Rashi, days are extremely shorter and nights longer. Duration of day is of 24 ghari and 40 pal and the duration of night is 35 ghari and 20 pal. Day gradually decreases by 
14 pal per 24 hours. When the Sun again comes to 9 ansha of Pisces or Meen Rashi the durations of nights and days become equal.

Dr. A. Shanker

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