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The Solar System in the Heavenly Circle: The sun

It is called shams in Arabic; aaftab in Persian, ravi in sanskri, and Suraj in Urdu. This planet is the lord of the fourth heaven and is designated the king or soul of all planets. The power of its light and brilliance of its essence bestow light to all heavenly bodies. Its entire body is illuminated by the encircling atmosphere. In its shape and appearance this is the greatest star and a miracle of light sent by the Creator. It has nebular substance inside which drives away the conditions of cold and darkness and does not let it to accept any sort of disorderliness. Geographical evidences reveal that it is 12,80,000 times bigger and 3,55,000 times heavier than the earth. Yes, there is no likelihood that it will fall down on the ground. 

Its volume is 550 times more than the total volume of remaining six planets which makes it hold all heavenly bodies with its gravitational force and spiritual attraction and does not let them stagger. This planet is at a distance of 9,50,00,000 miles. Its light takes seconds to  touch the earth. It has a circumference of 2,35,06,250 miles and a radius of 8,82,000 miles. Its brightness is 8,00,000 times greater than the brilliance of the moon; unlike the moon it does not rise and wane. Like the earth, it moves on an axis in circular order. It moves away from its previouss position at a speed of 30 miles per second. 

Change of seasons on the earth, change of crops and difference of heat and cold increase and decrease in the duration of day and night depend on its motion. Its rays fall on the ground both straight and crooked. When it passes from the equator by the Zodiac in a slanting manner its rays fall on the ground in a crooked shape. When it is exactly on the point of equilibrium of the equator its rays touch the earth straight causing difference of the winter and summer seasons. It has a straight motion i.e from the east to the west. By astrological calculation it covers eavenly motion of one degree or a little less daily. One solar year is of 365 days, 5 ghari 31 pal and 57 bipal.

Dr. A. Shanker

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