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Devine movement of celestial houses and stars!

 The Almighty Gad has determined the volition of everything in this natural spare based on movement and motion of stars and an order of equilibrium among the celestial houses whose effect on the universe causes its progress or decline. Sun’s warmth and attraction help in sowing seeds, reaping crops and anticipating climatic changes. Knowledge of the phases of the moon led humans to depict the content of sap and juice  plants and calculating the right time of darkness and light. The impact of Mars revealed the events of war and confrontation. Mercury became a measure of knowledge and skill; Jupiter became the symbol of progress in wisdom and philosophy and religious rites; Venus represents inculcation of love and affection and flourishing vegetation; and Saturn began to unfold the impacts of these houses in terms of diseases and calamities in the light of the past and future historical events.  Thus the world got a stable ground in the sphere of knowledge and wisdom.

Dr. A. Shanker

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