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Sun route in circle, 12 stages of sun and daily movement of celestial houses!

Another name of this circle is the path of the houses. The reason is that sun route circle consists of clusters of fixed stars at the intervals of eight degrees. This sun route circle has been divided into 12 parts with one cluster of fixed stars in each part called houses. Also known as raashi. Every house is a group of different stars and is named after the shape of each group. The sun always moves through these houses stage by stage and completes its course in one month.

These 12 houses are designated as twelve stages of the sun. It covers one stage from one house to another. The first stage is the house of Aries, two seconds is the house of Taurus, the third is the house of Gemini, the fourth is the house of Cancer, the fifth is the house of Leo, the sixth is the house of Virgo; the seventh is the house  of Libra; the eighth is the house of Scorpio, the ninth is the house of  Sagittarius, the tenth is the house of Capricorn, the eleventh is the house of Aquarius and the twelfth is the house of Pisces. Astrologers consider the house of Aries as the first stage of the sun.

What is Mantaqat-al-buruj?

The name of a particular portion of heaven nearly vertical to the equator and exactly parallel to the sun route is known as the Zodiac or mantaqat-al-buruj. This zone is divided into 12 parts called celestial houses. The volume of each celestial house is established at 30 degrees from lines drawn from the center of the pole. However, as shown by the following figure its length and width are different due to its proximity to or distance from the center.  Astrologers have determined their volume on the following proportion.

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