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Sky, Star Clusters and Zodiac – The Science of Astronomy

This sacred  knowledge is an integral part  of astrology. It  requires a brief description here. Providing  an exhaustive detail about  it  is beyond the ken of  an ordinary  person. European philosophers and thorough  scholars of  astronomy whose advancement  in the sphere of knowledge and had  influenced the environs of Egypt and Greece on one hand and Iran and India on the other left  no  stone unturned to  unfold the mystery  of  marvels of His might vested in the formation of strata of the earth  and the shape and layers of the skies.

Sky, Stars and Solar System:  Our  solar  system which is  a mirror  of  knowledge and wisdom remains unraveled and its expanse is so  enormous that  our  sight  will become blurred even at  the farthest  point  where nothing  will be visible except  a blue cover. Human mind is incapable of understanding and explaining this mysterious mechanism. The telescope of intellect alone may help us realize that this marvel of nature has in it wonders of myriad hues send colors. It is marked with the presence of clouds, air, thunder, magnetic effect, mist-smoke, rain, sunlight, moon and stars. This visual scope of nature termed by mathematicians as sky is a model of magic and wonder whose reality cannot be perceived through naked eyes. The Almighty God Who crated man from a fistful dust with His unsurpassable power and utmost prudence to know the nature of his might and wisdom and made visible the refulgence of the world from Adam, the nature from the world and the universe form nature is no doubt  the sustainer  of the universe. He has divided the phenomenal world into five elements (tatva). The existence depends on these five elements which are destined to  perish  in themselves.

Scope of the Universe: The visual circumference of nature called sky, the highest  sky  by  astronomers has the earth  in its centre and a little above the earth  there rests the moon that  completes one rotation in 27 days. This is a wonderful gallery of divine artifact. Ancient  philosophers have described as elliptical in shape and established their 360  degrees. Divided by twelve, 30 degrees fall in the share of each house. The sixtieth part of each degree is known as minute (kula). Likewise, the sixtieth part  of a minute is called second (bikula)  and the sixtieth  part of a second is termed as sub-second (upkula) through  which  the practitioners of astrology infer  relevant  useful points pertaining  to  astrology  in astronomical findings.

Spheres of Heavens: The ancient philosophers and cosmologists divided celestial spheres on such a pattern that one sphere fell under twelve houses. The shape of these houses was determined through planetary combinations while upper and lower spheres rotate in their own respective ways.

Dr. A. Shanker

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