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Know about Celestial Spheres - Hindu Vedic Astrology!

Celestial spheres of  houses, sphere of fixed bodies, sphere of Saturn, Sphere of Jupiter, sphere of Mars, sphere of Sun, sphere of Venus, sphere of Mercury, sphere of Moon, Empyrean region, atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere.  The first is lithosphere; the second is hydrosphere; the third is the atmosphere and the fourth is empyrean region. Above it, there is the first celestial sphere,  the moon, the second Mercury, the third Venus, the fourth  Sun, the fifth  Mars, the sixth  Jupiter and the seventh  Saturn. Hence. Lithosphere is surrounded by water, water by air, air  by  empyrean region. The empyrean region is surrounded by  the first  sky  on which moon is situated. It  is also  known as the lunar sphere. The lunar sphere is surrounded by the second sky  on which  planet  Mercury  is situated. The sphere of Mercury  is surrounded by  the third sky  on which the Sun is situated. The fourth  sky  is surrounded by  the fifth  sky  on which  Mars is situated. The fifth  sky  is surrounded by  the sixth  sky on which Jupiter is situated. The sixth sky  is surrounded by  the seventh  sky  on which Saturn is situated. Then there is the sphere of fixed bodies also  known as the eighth sphere or the sphere of houses which  is full of countless stars. Only  God knows their exact  number. From celestial spheres there have been inferred 27 constellations (nakshtras) in addition to twelve houses. The sphere above is the highest  sky, which has also been termed by  some historians as Satin sphere or the throne of God. There is no  other sphere beyond that. This sphere is full of  darkness and silence. This the highest of  all, or  crown of spheres. Its movement makes all spheres rotate on their respective axes.

Division of Planets in Celestial Spheres  

Since the master of  the house of cancer  is moon in the celestial sphere and mercury  exists above it, the position of  the house of  Gemini,  therefore, is before cancer whereas the house of Virgo is after that  of Leo. These two  spheres are subordinate to mercury, which  is their master. Then there is Venus right  above Mercury. Therefore, house of Taurus comes before Gemini while Libra is after Virgo. Both of these spheres are related to the planet Venus. Above Venus, there is Sun that  controls the material world. Above it, there is the sphere of Mars. Therefore, there is  the house of  Aries  before Taurus and of Scorpio after Libra. These two houses are of Mars. Above it, there is the sphere of Jupiter. Then, there is the house of Pisces before that  of Aries while the house of Sagittarius is after  Capricorn. Therefore, these two  houses are associated with  Jupiter. Above them, there is the sphere of Saturn. Before Pisces, there is Aquarius  while house of Capricorn is after Arc. These two  houses belong to  planet Saturn.

Dr. A. Shanker

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