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There is no accurate pattern of mysterious nature - how good you can predict?

No act of the Almighty God is bereft of prudence everything in the phenomenal world is wrapped in mysteries of nature. Every phenomenon comes into existence along with the causes of its continuance and mortality. An exhaustive study of classical treatises and authentic laws and principles may lead  us to  believe that the masters of this science and erudite scholars who  were recognized in the eastern world from Greece and Egypt to  India unveiled its secrets in the best  possible manner through  their knowledge and wisdom. Mathematical calculations resemble celestial movements observed by an astrologer on whose basis, he depicts what has happened in one’s own life and what is to happen in the present and the  future. Neither one’s life span is sufficient to  get  mastery  over  such  a vast discipline nor there is a scholar  or a translator who  could put it  all in a nutshell. Its experiences and observation are so enormous that a good deal of time will be required to bring it to record. However, every possible effort will be made not to leave any  of its aspects untouched. They make such revelations when ordinary people do  not  know what  will happen the next  moment. For example, one who  casts a spell awaits the ominous and auspicious junctures of  stars.

It  is a common knowledge that  nothing  happens against one’s destiny. However, to  shed light  on the word  destiny  the divines have established some principles through  which  one can get  his fortune and other  matters depicted. Destiny  is not  inscribed on a plaque.To  attain its knowledge the Almighty  God has fixed  celestial movement  on the pivotal point with  such  a light  under  whose impact all planets clearly predict the future life. Greatness of Almighty  God is beyond description. Human prediction is unable to  understand His mystery. Those who  possess knowledge of astrology reveal pain and pleasure wrapped in the circumstances of one’s life through  auspicious and ominous movements of stars. They  make such revelations when ordinary  people do  not  know what  will happen to  them the next  moment. One who  casts a spell awaits the auspicious and ominous junctures of stars by  absorbing celestial influences into earthly  or  mundane substance. Experts of the art of  Sarodha depict the good and bad consequences by observing  the pattern of one’s breathing. Practitioners  of  mesmerism exercise their  spiritual and occult power. Those having  the knowledge of Ramal and Jafar  find the ways of solving  problems trough sixteen shapes and detection of intention and volition. Practitioners of magic enthrall people by  tricks. Believers in Samudrak add physiognomy  depict one’s  strengths and weaknesses and good and bad circumstances of his life through  observing lines of palm and body  structure and its features. The experts of different disciplines of this divine principle have made use of their skills as a ladder of  progress and, thus, has made a great revolution in the present  era. However, those having full command over this science are very rare.

Astrology  and Astronomy: Astrology and astronomy  are based on observation of stars. Probably, among the existing spheres of knowledge there is no  science as great  as astrology. It has been given the highest place among  occult  sciences (ghat shastras). The knowledge of invisible and hidden circumstances of life or death and beginning  or end of  an activity and its good and bad outcomes. This science has been prevalent in Arya-vrat  since ancient  time. Authentic books written end compiled by sages and seers in the Sanskrit language are numerous. They are testimony  to  the truthfulness of  this science. Astrology and astronomy the two  precursors of  mathematics are mostly  studied in India. However, they  became  extinct  due to  taking a lack of interest in the knowledge of Hindu  principles. The Brahmins did not  pay  much  attention to the attainment  of such knowledge. When the knowledge of Sanskrit dwindled, it  became necessary to write this science in Sanskrit  language, Urdu in a simple diction for the benefit  of masses in olden days. Now a days, people proficient in grammar (vyakaran) and Sanskrit are rarely found. In fact, such a treasure of knowledge is hidden in this language that may  reveal hitherto  unheard   and unseen mysteries of  both  the past  and the future.

Dr. A. Shanker

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